ESPN Welcomes Back the NFL, With a Little Help From Céline Dion

Arts & Letters calls a power (ballad) play

NFL football is returning to ESPN. That's big. Céline Dion big!

So, it's fitting that Dion's epic 1996 take on Jim Steinman's power ballad "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" drives a new spot celebrating the league's much-anticipated return to the cable network.

Developed with Arts & Letters Creative Co. and Superprime directors The Molloys, the 90-second film dropped Friday morning. It features appearances by gridiron stars, fans and coaches, DJ Khaled, along with characters from films and series produced by ESPN parent Disney, such as Remember the Titans, Family Guy and The Lion King:

NFL on ESPN: Ready for Football - It's All Coming Back to Us Now

"When you go out and ask NFL players or DJ Khaled to record themselves lip synching to Céline Dion, you don't really know what you're going to get," Arts & Letters creative director Molly Jamison tells Muse. "These guys went above and beyond, each taking their own creative liberties, and sent us stuff that went above and beyond what we were expecting."

"By widening our aperture for who and what is ready for this season of football, to include pop culture and beyond, we had the ability to tap into all kinds of footage, allowing us to build a far and wide celebration of football's return," she says.

Fusing scenes from sports and entertainment with Dion's triple-octave attack (last unleashed in this spot for Instagram Shopping) underscores the NFL's exalted standing in popular culture. For millions, the games are a transcendent experience. Arts & Letters reasoned that only a blow-out montage featuring the Seahawks' twin phenoms Shaquem and Shaquill Griffin and Family Guy's Peter Griffin could do justice to the league's impending comeback, especially after months with most sports sidelined thanks to Covid-19.

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"Our creative reflects how we are all—now more than ever—feeling, as we crave football and show fans, players, coaches, teams and ESPN all coming together to rejoice, reflect and exhale," says Laura Gentile, svp of marketing at the network.

If it feels gaudy, loud or a touch overblown, well, that's what the NFL and pro sports, at their best, are all about. Hollywood, too, sometimes. And that's exactly how most of us like it.

"The readiness for football this year goes beyond normal fandom," Jamieson says, "The visuals had to feel like they were from everywhere, but all saying the same thing—we're all so happy football is coming back to everyone!"

Other cameos in the spot include Titans' Derrick Henry, Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew, and Saints defensive end Cam Jordan (nice PJs, dude).


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Curtis Friends: Senior Director, ESPN Marketing
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Macy West: Producer

AUDIO MIX:: Overcoast Music + Sound
Matt Whitworth: Audio Mixer
J.L. Hodges: Producer

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