Derrick Henry Is the Most Unstoppable Old Spice Guy Yet

You, too, can 'Smell Ready for Anything'

In his debut as the latest NFL Old Spice Guy, Tennessee Titans star running back Derrick Henry smells ready for anything.

That's because he uses Old Spice's Sweat Defense antiperspirant and deodorant, appearing as an unstoppable video-game version of himself in a fun and silly 45-second spot from Wieden + Kennedy.

Henry makes an epic run, exiting the stadium and hitting the streets of Los Angeles as the Rams' No. 49—Daniel Bituli in real life, but here just some random bruiser—hangs on tight:

Unstoppable Derrick Henry | Old Spice

All the while, in a cheeky nod to video games that track various aspects of play, the ad displays Old Spice's "Sweat Blocking Power" on screen. It's at full red-zone strength throughout. Phew!

Or, to quote Henry: "It's not just strong. It's strong strong!" The tagline: "Smell Ready for Anything." (The last time we saw the All-Pro in a commercial, he could just turn on the air conditioning in his Nissan SUV to keep cool. Glad he's getting some exercise these days.)

Of course, the whole "superstar leaving the park" trope has become a sports-ad staple, perfected in MLB Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr.'s Nike ad from '90s, and reprised this summer by Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw for Hankook Tires. The idea works especially well for Old Spice because running can make you not just sweaty, but sweaty sweaty!

"Unstoppable Henry" launched on Old Spice's YouTube channel today, with its broadcast TV debut coming Nov. 12 during the Titans-Colts game.

The client says it chose Henry because he exhibits dedication and drive on and off the field, with his charitable efforts mirroring the brand's own social commitment. Old Spice recently launched a 10-year initiative to help increase high school graduation rates through empowerment programs reaching underserved communities across the country.


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