Cyclist Danny MacAskill Soars (and Falls a Few Times) for Adidas

Cut Media strips down the filming style

To celebrate his new partnership with Adidas Outdoor, legendary cyclist Danny MacAskill, whose gravity-defying tricks have generated millions of global views through the years, goes home to Scotland and … falls flat on his ass?

Some of MacAskill's spills remain for all to see in this three-and-a-half-minute film from Cut Media. They enhance the aura of authenticity, reminding viewers just how difficult these stunts really are.

Shot in the coastal villages of Dunbar and Glencoe in the Highlands, this particular production differs from some of MacAskill's other outings.

In the past, he's dabbled in fantasy—riding through an outsized version of his childhood bedroom littered with giant toys and a humongous Rubik's Cube—and traversed the grounds of the Playboy Mansion, both for Red Bull. A 2014 trip to Scotland played out like an otherworldly trek through some mist-ringed mountain range on Mars, even though it was shot on the Isle of Skye.

Those videos boasted high production values and employed snappy editing to maximum advantage. Here, simplicity rules the day. We see MacAskill doing his thing on the docks—the bit where he balances on a mooring bollard (a post used to secure ship's ropes) is breathtaking—or in the hills, bouncing from boulder to boulder. Everything's presented in straightforward fashion, using natural light, with no visual gimmicks. 

"We took it back to basics, filming in a seemingly self-shot style with static frames," says Andy Ashworth, who directed the piece. "This celebrates Danny's creativity, letting his incredible riding take center stage."

Ashworth believes this approach will help the video stand out. "Our online lives are often flooded with over-edited, stylized videos with lots of dynamic camera movement and creative composition," he says. "With this film we have taken a step back, giving the viewer a clean and undistracted experience."

The clip is quickly pedaling toward a million YouTube views in its first 24 hours. Hopefully, MacAskill's fans appreciate the stripped-down style. It lets his artistry shine through, and reminds us how much effort it takes to make such tantalizing tricks seem effortless.


Creative agency: Cut Media
Produced by: Cut Media
Photography: Dave Mackison

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