College Running Back Bijan Robinson Has His Own Mustard Brand in Unique NIL Deal

'It's like a touchdown in your mouth!'

Not long ago, college athletes had to cut the mustard as pros before signing big-bucks brand deals. Even then, getting their own line of merchandise was usually reserved for elites like Michael Jordan, Serena Williams and Stan Smith.

Today, however, with the NCAA's name, image and likeness (NIL) rules in full force, it's a whole new game for budding stars like Bijan Robinson, the University of Texas running back and Heisman Trophy hopeful.

Robinson is already hot-dogging it with C4 Energy and Lamborghini endorsements, so it only seems right that he's launched his own specialty dijon mustard, too.

Developed with Austin agency Callen and local chef Joe Gentempo, the condiment is called Bijan Mustardson—what else?—and the faux spi-saaay clip below promises it tastes "like a touchdown in your mouth!"

Bijan Mustardson

"We are in business with him to make a product because there is a life outside of sports," says Callen managing director David Hughes. "We had a great idea, so we reached out to his agent on social media to initiate the conversation. The next thing we knew, we were sitting at the table with him laughing and ordering different mustards to taste."

Fans can order two 9-ounce squeeze bottles of the product for $15.90, along with mustard-themed T-shirts, trucker hats, stickers, koozies and more. Weekly game collectibles will set you back $75, but you'll get an autograph and updated stats.

Bijan Mustardson is also available in select Texas stores, as well as Austin-based restaurants Pluckers, Bangers and Dirty Martins. At Lone Star fave Amy's Ice Cream, they're scooping ice cream infused with the stuff, too.

"Brands we worked with in the past used to tell us that we were the best 10 percent of their day," Hughes says. "And now we understand what the other 90 percent entails. It's so much more business than an agency is used to."

Bijan says he hopes the brand "will continue to grow with my career." If the dude wins the Heisman, maybe he'll bring a few dozen cases of Mustardson to a certain special house for Tim Tebow and the gang.

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