Chris Rock's Righteous Narration Puts NBA in 'Playoff Mode'

Star-studded approach is absolutely 'a thing'

Chris Rock's stoked, spot-on narration hypes the NBA Playoffs in fresh spots from Translation and director Felix Brady.

The comic's instantly recognizable tones elevate the proceedings. He cheekily explores whether "Playoff Mode"—that elevated gear players shift into, allowing them to excel under postseason pressure—is "a thing."

Of course, we all know the answer's yes. (Though not for the Pistons. Better luck next year.)

It's an NBA promo, so plenty of hoop stars appear: Nikola Jokić, Jayson Tatum, Jalen Brunson, Anthony Edwards, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Chet Holmgren, Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell and Jalen Williams.

Also, be on the lookout for Shaq, Lil Wayne, Guy Fieri, Anuel AA, Mike Andrews and more.

NBA | Playoff Mode: It's a Thing

Rock rolls large in this one. Not a single line falls flat. He should call the games.

“When developing campaigns, we lean into research to determine what will resonate with our fans and the data shows that our fans consume the NBA differently at various times over the course of the season, so our methods of reaching them must change, too," NBA CMO Tammy Henault tells Muse.

"During this time of year, we know our core fans are watching, but we also see an increase in engagement with our more casual fans and those which we call 'opportunity audiences,'" she says. "So, we developed creative that would cater to all of those different audiences."

"There have been countless viral playoff moments throughout NBA history where players up the ante to take their teams to the next level. So, we took a lighthearted approach at spoofing the idea of 'Playoff Mode' and encouraging fans to tune in this season to see whose Playoff alter-ego will rise above the rest."

The crew shot during the All-Star Game, with Shaq playing Taylor Swift tunes on his phone to keep everyone loose.

Not sure why, but that just fits. Crank it up, Diesel!

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