Channel 4 Finds the Humans Inside the 'Superhumans' In Another Epic Paralympics Ad

The blood, sweat, sacrifice and humor behind the glory

A wise, pointed payoff awaits viewers at the end of Channel 4's three-minute Paralympics promo, which drops today ahead of the Tokyo Games.

Created by the U.K. broadcaster's 4Creative team, with Oscar-nominated cinematographer Bradford Young directing, the film charts fresh territory for the acclaimed "Superhumans" advertising series by emphasizing the blood, sweat and sacrifice Paralympians make in their quest for glory.

"The previous campaigns presented disabled people as superheroes, which felt like the right thing to do at the time," 4creative ECD Eoin McLaughlin tells Muse. "Our job was to produce something that shifted the conversation forward in 2021. The previous films were inspirational, but they didn't tell the full story."

"Paralympians achieve incredible things, but they face all the same pressures and anxieties as everybody else," he says. "They're flawed and vulnerable, just like you and I."

We open inside the intense dreams of 2016 Rio Paralympics gold medalist Kadeena Cox, whose neon-tunnel visions vanish as a new day of discipline and struggle dawns.

Super. Human. | Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Trailer

Scenes with British competitors Ali Jawad, David Smith, Ellie Simmonds, Jody Cundy and Jordanne Whiley follow. There's a mix of at-home moments, high-octane workout and practice footage, plus fanciful animation.

There's some humor sprinkled in, too. "Among all the visceral, uncomfortable imagery, we wanted make people laugh, as well as making them wince," McLaughlin says.

It's all set to the bouncy beat of Bugsy Malone's "So You Want to Be a Boxer," performed by Jay Prince, which lends the proceedings a jaunty, indomitable vibe.

Like all elite athletes, these folks shrug off the pain, both physical and emotional, as they push themselves to the limit. Around the two-minute mark, we return to Cox's subconscious, as she outpaces a bronze medal on the sprinting track. Placing third, after all, would be a huge comedown, compared to her previous achievements.

"To be a Paralympian, there's got to be something wrong with you," we're told near the end, as the word "Super" shatters like glass, leaving "Human" to stand on its own. That's a potent reminder that succeeding at anything takes hard work and dedication—not some otherworldly superpowers.

"It's another missed party, ignoring your doctor's advice to quit, risking re-injuring an injury," says Young, the film's director. "To do the same thing over and over with the same result. Until we see them cross that finish line on the biggest stage in the world. And then we come as close as we can to understanding what it means and takes to be a Paralympian."

"I hope we've made something that feels unexpected and at times confrontational," adds McLaughlin says. "It celebrates them for their extreme ability and mindset. That's what sets them apart—not their disability."

There's a universal message here, too. Most of us won't win gold. Anywhere or ever. Still, we can follow the Paralympians' example. It won't be painless or quick. Setbacks loom large. But with guts, perseverance and a well-hewn plan, we just might transcend our path-of-least-resistance selves to become brighter, better humans.

Channel 4 plans to broadcast 300 hours of Tokyo Paralympic coverage, marking its biggest commitment yet to the Games. Wheelchair basketball star Ade Adepitan will anchor the network's daily highlights show from Japan.


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