'The Bryceman Cometh' in MLB's Latest Promo for London Series

And Chase Utley is NOT happy about it

The heart wants what it wants, and diehard Phillies fan Rob McElhenney can't decide between (retired star) Chase Utley and (current standout) Bryce Harper in the latest ad for MLB's 2024 London Series.

A previous spot, also with  McElhenney, featured the Mets and Philly's Mascot bringing baseball to a Wrexham game.

Created by Rob's More Better Industries, the new 90-second clip plays off a long running joke from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," where McElhenney's character sends Utley copious fan mail.

In the commercial McElhenney pursues Harper instead. Utley finds out. And he's not happy.

"I'm not a f-in idiot!" Chase exclaims.

Ultimately, Rob must choose one all-time great to play catch with in London. 

We won't know his pick until next week, when the Mets take on the Phillies.

McElhenney and Utley have played catch twice before. The first time was duiring at a 2019 Phillies game. They also tossed the first pitch of the 2022 World Series. Maybe it's Bryce's time to shine!

MLB | The Bryceman Cometh

"We knew we wanted to revisit the Chase and Rob dynamic because its something that the Sunny fans would enjoy," an agency spokesperson tells Muse. "Flipping it on its head to make Chase jealous was a fun way to evolve that plot and both Bryce and especially Chase with the self-deprecating lines were game to have a lot of fun during the filming."

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