Brooks Running Launches Docuseries Timed to 'Marathon Season'

Long-form vids follow runners through every aspect of training

If you think training for a half-marathon is a commitment, try prepping for a full 26.2 mile race. You're running all the time, hungry all the time. But for many, that feeling of personal accomplishment when crossing the finish line is worth the sacrifice and pain.

Brooks Running launched a series of long-form videos designed to capture the highs and lows of this experience. Examples include pooping before a long run (that's a high) and waking super-early for practice sessions (so very low).

"Marathon Series" consists of eight-minute installments that follow a husband and wife training for half and full marathons (the infamous Flying Pig, apparently). The clips also feature their friend, who's preparing for his first 5k.

Three films were created by Curiosity via its content studio Curio. Two of the runners work at the agency: copywriter Romond DuVal, Jr. and digital art director Jillian Kavinsky. The latter's husband, Andy Re, serves as a senior innovation strategist at LPK.

The series strives to inspire runners of all levels. The full videos live on YouTube, while condensed versions will appear on Instagram.

"We are speaking to those we call 'dedicated runners,' who run multiple times per week while inviting brand new runners—including Gen Z adults looking to connect to their physical and mental health through running—to lace up," says Kate Wojan, creative director at Curiosity. "The videos tell a brand story. Brooks believes in finding the joy in the run, at any distance or experience level. This series exemplifies the brand ethos of Run Happy."

The trio of runners—wearing Brooks gear, natch—documented their training routines for seven weeks, leading up to race day. There's no plans for a follow-up series but Curiosity is open to additional long-form storytelling down the road.

"We hope people see themselves in the stories we are telling," Wojan tells Muse. "Whether they are dedicated runners who can relate to the racing experience or brand-new runners who want to begin a training plan, we hope these films feel accessible, entertaining and, ultimately, moving."

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