Betclic Does 'The Wave' in Stadiums and Practically Everywhere Else

Branded film offers a lesson in how actions can trigger emotions around the world

Betclic captures the rhythm of the wave that takes place in stadiums when fans collectively rise and raise their arms in joy while watching their favorite sport.

The French online gambling company captures this feeling in a branded film, "The Wave," created by Paris agency Marcel.

The effort aims to express the butterfly effect of sports. That is, how to "demonstrate that an action can trigger all kinds of emotions around the world in the blink of an eye, and that this moment can be experienced even more intensely when you're a bettor," says Alexandre Girod, Marcel copywriter. 

Ads also convey the broader message that betting can be a recreational activity in and of itself.

"The Wave" was directed by Bruno Aveillan, a French filmmaker and artist, and took about three months to make, from pre-production to broadcast. While it does utilize VFX and 3D technology, the emphasis was on creating as many practical effects as possible. For example, large metal half-cylinders were deployed to create the wave's passage in most segments, says Julien Vergne, Marcel art director.

For a bar scene, the flooring of the location was replicated and attached to a large fabric canvas. The half-cylinder moved beneath this canvas.

"It genuinely felt like a wave was advancing through that old sports bar. In fact, there are very few visual effects in the final version of this scene," adds Vergne.

The film's musical choice is "Peer Gynt" by Edvard Grieg. 

"Betclic and Marcel wanted to change the conventions of sports betting, not just visually," says Girod. "Choosing Peer Gynt was a step in that direction. Using a classical piece went against the usual approach."

"The Wave" first launched on French television in September during soccer telecasts. The piece is broadcast in multiple formats, ranging from 15 to 60 seconds. But another version, exclusively for digital media, begins with the wave's impact and then follows ripples as they recede.

"The advantage of creating a palindrome film is that it can be played in both directions," says Vergne. "In this version, we focus more on what's happening on the bettors' phones, highlighting the specific features of the Betclic app."

The campaign boasts other spots and OOH, too. Future plans include a follow-up focused on various games available on the app.

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