Belief Takes Exhilarating Flight in New Agency's First Campaign

Freeing body and soul like never before

This year, the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships takes place in Valencia, Spain, from August 23-27. To stoke anticipation for the competition, the Spanish national team appears in this meditation on belief. It also marks the debut work from local agency Perceptible, founded by Juan Nonzioli, former CCO of Shackleton Madrid.

We've always admired the beauty of rhythmic gymnastics, but these frames convey the dizzyingly diverse forms of training that go into making the sport look effortless. The sheer variety of demands—strength, endurance, acrobatic flexibility, timing and poise—requires a symbiosis between mental and physical rigor. The film defines that notion as belief.

"We believe that there is beauty in what we do. But there is more beauty in what we believe," the ad says, closing with the line, "Belief is gold."

Nonzioli directed the project over two days in Madrid. It features a cover of Imagine Dragons' "Believer," arranged by Ton M.Mir from Trafalgar 13 Music House, with vocals by the Little Valencia Singers children’s choir. The choir will also perform during the competition’s closing ceremony.

In an interview with AdAge, Nunzioli remarked, "Redefining the concept of what it means to win is one of the tasks that lie ahead of us in this new era, and the message we want to convey to youth. Believing in yourself, trying, making an effort and enjoying it is gold. And that is already winning. Taking the pressure off and doing things for the pleasure of doing them is winning, whether or not they give you a medal. There are many things that are worth gold."

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