AIG Teams Up With the All Blacks Again, This Time for Driving Lessons

How not to drive in Japan during the Rugby World Cup

What will it take to make tourists visiting Japan for the upcoming Rugby World Cup obey the local rules of the road? Maybe they'll learn to drive safely if the New Zealand All Blacks get up in their grill. 

Actually, members of the world's best-known rugby team display considerable charm as they flex some muscle in the amusing spot below from finance and insurance giant AIG via TBWA\Hakuhodo. Roaming around Tokyo, the players inform us that in Japan, people drive on the left side of the road, stop signs are triangular, and turning on red is strictly prohibited.

Oh, and please, don't take selfies with the robots. Seriously. 

Yeah, those traffic bots are pretty darn grammable. 

Dubbed "How NOT to Drive in Japan," the three-minute film also touts AIG's "Active Care" concept of helping customers mitigate risk, and follows other outings with the squad as company pitchmen. 

Here's some behind-the-scenes footage, in which we learn how the production team minimized risks while filming: 

So, the All Blacks used stuntmen for dangerous scenes. They're not so tough after all! (Please, don't hurt me.) 

The Rugby World Cup kicks off in September, followed in 2020 by the Olympic Games in Tokyo. During those events, thousands of foreign drivers will operate rented cars in Japan, so AIG decided the time was right for a road-safety push.

Last year, TBWA, AIG and the All Blacks collaborated on the Grand Clio-winning "Pride Jersey" (the harder you pull on the fabric, the clearer you see the rainbow colors of the LGBT community). The trio's first team-up, "Tackle the Risk," was also an award winner. 

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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