Reinventions: Aron Solomon

A lawyer's ongoing search for the unboring

"Reinventions" is a questionnaire series with people who are making pivots in their lives. Meet Aron Solomon, president and co-founder of Mission Watch Company, host of the Next Level Podcast, and former legal dude. (Some years ago, he was part of Fastcase 50's "top legal innovators in the world.")

What were you before?

I've done a lot of different things in my life. I'm trained as a lawyer and have primarily been an entrepreneur for the past couple of decades. 

What triggered your reinvention(s)?

A despision (a new word—when you deeply despise something) of traditional offices (and OMG open-concept offices are even worse), and a traditional "You need to sit here between 9 and 6" day. Boredom, more than anything. When I get bored, I get in trouble.

What did the first steps look like?

As an educated white man, I could easily do the "Fake it until you make it" thing. I have no idea why all white men don't try this. We can literally do fucking anything, as abhorrent and absurd as this is.

What was one hard obstacle to overcome?

Validating ideas. It's great to say, "I'm going to go out there and build X," but then you kind of actually have to build it. This is where the "faking it" part hits the bright sunshine of the day.

What was easier than you thought?

Convincing people I was worthy. This was, way, way too easy, especially in fundraising. I raised ridiculous amounts the first two times I tried. 

What's something you learned along the way that other people, hoping to do something similar, should know?

You need to really figure out what you're happy to do 24/7. If you think you're going to have any real delineation between work and life, you're sadly mistaken. 

Did anyone or anything inspire you along the way?

Nope. Me. I inspired me. My dad gave me business sense and taught me hustle, but the rest was me.

What has this fundamentally changed for you?

Well, I hate traditional work more than ever. I will never retire because I'd be so bored I'd have no idea what to do. My dad is getting close to 90, and he still does projects and wrote a business book recently.

Do you think you could go back/do you want to?


Tell us your reinvention song.

Ye's "Runaway," and Liz's "Shitloads of Money."

How would you define yourself now?

Well, after a lifelong passion collecting watches, I co-founded a watch company. We have beaten the odds and are doing fine, four years after launch. I also help people, mostly lawyers, grow their businesses. And I create content every day. That keeps me fresh and—at least in my own mind—relevant.

Reinventions is a questionnaire series with people who are making pivots in their lives. If you're going through a reinvention and would like to be interviewed for the series, please get in touch.

Angela Natividad
Angela Natividad is the European markets editor at Muse by Clio. She also writes about gaming and fashion, and whatever else she's interested in, really. She's based in Paris and North Italy, so if you're local, say hi. She might eat all your food.

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