Pot Noodle Subs New Noises for Irritating Slurpy Sounds

Prick up your ears!

Pot Noodle has something to say to folks who complained about the slurping sound effects in the brand's recent advert:

Nom nom nom nom. Meoooooooooow! Goooooooooooaaaaal!

New versions of the spot drop today, replacing irritating slurpy-slips with "nom nom noms," caterwauling (from cats!) and a soccer announcer feeling the thrill.

Here's the original from a few weeks back:

Pot Noodle | Slurp

And now, the same commercial with fresh audio:

Pot Noodle | Nom Nom
Pot Noodle | Goal
Pot Noodle | Cat
Pot Noodle | Beatbox

"We were just trying to celebrate the immense satisfaction people feel whilst eating a Pot Noodle," says Mark Shanley, creative director at Adam&Eve/DDB, which developed the campaign. "We didn't want to upset anyone. So, we're apologizing. Hopefully in quite a satisfying way."

Oh, the tongues are so far in cheeks on this one.

"Our original 'Slurp' campaign received a lot of noise across X," says Pot Noodle marketing manager Lena Portchmouth. "We always knew that the ad would be noticeable and potentially divisive. We celebrate and love the slurp. Let's be honest, I'm pretty sure we all do it, even if behind closed doors!"

"However, we appreciate that for some it may be considered a bit 'gross,' so we wanted to offer an olive branch in a Pot Noodle way by removing the offensive sounds," she says. "The next time people see and hear the ad in question, we hope they find the sounds more satisfying."

Our opinion? Nom nom nom!

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