These Thermal Stickers Give Out BK Deals as Your Gaming Console Heats Up

See the Burger King Level Up Challenge student winner

Marketing innovations in gaming are hot right now, and here's one that's literally scorching—the winner of the Burger King Level Up Challenge, in partnership with the Clio Awards, which asked entrants to develop a BK execution that authentically spoke to the gaming community.

A student team from The Pub School in Ecuador came up with a fun idea that used thermal stickers to monitor the physical heat of gaming consoles—and unlock BK deals when the temperature rose high enough.

See the case study here:

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The work, which won a Gold Clio as part of the Level Up Challenge, was created by a team comprised of James Pérez, Eduardo Chiriboga, José Aguilar, Jonnathan Rodríguez, Santiago Rentería and Alexis Guanín—100 percent Ecuadorian talent.

"After many hours of brainstorming, jokes, discussion, gaming sessions and beers, we realized that everyone and everything tends to overheat," the group tells Muse in an email. "So, with this in mind, a question came up: Why not transform gaming overheating into rewards? This is how the 'Burning Kings' idea was created, as an innovative way to encourage gamers to become the best while enjoying the best grilled burgers of all."

Though just a spec campaign at this point, the group believe their idea could actually be produced. "As creatives, part of our job is to research and determine that an idea is achievable," they say. "Once we confirm it, the real work begins."

All of the creatives in the group are active gamers, and they see an almost limitless future for creativity in the gaming sector.

"Gaming is the present and future of entertainment," they say. "Video games and gaming consoles are no longer exclusive to one segment. Today they have become a global communication medium capable of broadcasting any type of content. We are sure that gaming and innovation work together, so why not add some creativity?"

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