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This Aussie Lighthouse Keeper Loves His VW

A lonely lighthouse keeper watches the shoreline, waiting waiting waiting ... for what? DDB Sydney and Revolver director Steve Rogers crafted the compelling short film. The payoff's worth it, and the work marks Volkswagen's first Australian brand campaign in seven years.


In Fargo Nod, Bisquick Creates Limited-Edition Boxes

If you're a Fargo and Bisquick fan, this campaign's for you. Pereira O'Dell designed a special-edition Bisquick box, inspired by the season finale of Fargo. There's a catch: fans must visit a main character's hometown—namely: Scandia, Minn.—to find the items. The special-edition box features Dot's homemade biscuit recipe, along with various Easter eggs for die-hard fans.


KFC Canada's All About the Crumbs

"Some of the best dining experiences are a little messy, and that's especially true when it comes to fried chicken," says Courage CCO Joel Holtby of the agency's work plugging KFC Canada's Extra Crispy Deal. "The joy we feel when we eat it also extends to the often-overlooked crumbs—the evidence of a really good meal. We wanted to do something that celebrates the experience in its entirety." Nikki Ormerod directed the :30 below.


Rick Hoffman Suits Up for PracticePanther

Suits actor Rick Hoffman gets a tad beside himself in "Lawyers Should Be Lawyering," a fresh campaign for PracticePanther from Grey Midwest. "In a world where small business owners, especially in the legal field, often juggle numerous responsibilities, the story of Hoffman, Hoffman, Hoffman, and Hoffman is a beacon," says agency CCO Adam Kahn. "With software like PracticePanther, law firms can focus on their core mission without being bogged down by operational tasks."

PracticePanther | Rick Hoffman


Adam&EveDDB, Valuable 500 Back SYNC25 Summit

Synchronized movements of all sorts inform am artful film from Adam&EveDDB and global charity Valuable 500, supporting SYNC25, a Tokyo summit dedicated to disability inclusion. The event is scheduled for Dec. 2025. Dan DiFelice directed through Biscuit Filmworks U.K.


Werther's Takes Us 'Home Sweet Home'

Werther's and Pahnke Chicago take an appropriately comforting approach ito celebrate family, friends and emotional connections. "The idea came to me when I was packing up my childhood home to be sold—the stories those walls could tell," days agency CCO and partner Susan Betteridge. "Similarly, when you talk to people about Werther's, everyone has a story—vivid memories of where they were, who they were with."


McAfee Demystifies Online Security

A lie detector. A private detective. The power of invisibility. Cybersecurity brand McAfee likens itself to familiar IRL concepts in work designed to efficiently explain its mission. Anomaly created the campaign.


HP Laptop Explores the 'Omen-Verse'

To tout HP Omen's Transcend 14 laptop, Wieden+Kennedy has launched 30 seconds of animated eye-candy, rippling with sights, sounds and motion. In the spot, a character teleports among worlds via a diamond-shaped portal that "pays tribute to Omen's branding," per W+K.  

Food & Beverage

Coca-Cola's Latest Ads Channel The Bear

Christopher Storer, show runner and creator of Hulu's The Bear, brings a similar vibe to Coca-Cola's new campaign, which the brand says is designed to highlight "the human moments of connection, emotion, chaos, joy and fandom that intersect on game day." Agency Majority helped develop the spots, with Storer directing through Smuggler.


Google Celebrates 25 Years of Search

Google hyper-charged its annual year-end "Most Searched" campaign, celebrating the company's first quarter century. Barbie's there, plus Spider-Man and lots of faves from 2023. There's historical perspective too, reminding us that, for better or worse, Big G ranks as the ultimate curator of contemporary culture. It's a planetary memory bank, the likes of which weren't seen before, oh, 1998.

Film & TV

Whoa! Joey Lawrence Drives for VinFast

The actor's catchphrase comes into play as he sends up Hollywood tropes for the electric-car manufacturer. We get a James Bond-flavored ad within an ad, and Joey holds it all together with his self-aware style.


Jimmy Fallon Crunches With Taco Bell

Jimmy Fallon and Taco Bell created a "Wrap Me Up Crunchwrap Supreme," available through Christmas Eve. Below, the late-night icon gets in the spirit of the season as he satisfies his beefy, cheesy craving.


Ordered a Wrap Me Up Crunchwrap Supreme, but it’s not on the menu. Merry Crunchmas. 🤣

♬ Wrap Me Up by Jimmy Fallon x Meghan Trainor - Jimmy Fallon


ADP, Arnold Imagine a 25-Hour Day

What would a 25-hour day be like? Human resources firm ADP and Arnold Worldwide ask that question in ads directed by Wayne McClammy. Turns out solar stocks go through the roof, lunch breaks expand and power naps gain traction. "Anything can change the way we work. One day, office attendance was practically 100 percent, and the next, most people had to work from home," says Arnold ECD James Bray. “Adapting to these unexpected circumstances can be nearly impossible without an HR partner that's seen just about everything and can help you adjust to almost anything."

Men's Grooming

Pete Davidson Visits the 'Ball-Ber Shop'

"It's not often you work with an innovative brand that welcomes your crazy ideas for a commercial. It's one of the reasons I enjoy working with Manscaped." So says Pete Davidson of his latest effort for the makers of men's grooming products. In the clip below, Pete visits a "Ball-Ber Shop." It's exactly what it sounds like.


Listen: Here's a Carbon-Negative Radio Ad

Skellefteå Kraft, a power company in Sweden, and agency Volt created a carbon-negative radio commercial. It uses cutting-edge tech to eliminate carbon emissions from voice actors. All told, the ad captured 470mg of carbon dioxide created during the voiceover process. The sound is downright odd, but that's a natural byproduct of the process designed to attract listener attention.


Lexus Launches Latest 'December to Remember'

Lexus says it's "December to Remember" campaign for 2023 "goes beyond the iconic big red bow." Well, yes and no. The ribbon's still there, but the nameplate has expanded the scope of its family-friendly storytelling in fresh ads from Team One. Lexus will also debut a digital experience across the Las Vegas Sphere's 500,000 square-foot LED exterior. There's a partnership with TikTok creator Sebastian Jern, too, all about miniature winter-scapes featuring Lexus RXs topped by red nows.


Temptations' Kooky Kitty Interrupts '70s Xmas Spoof

Temptations cat treats spoofs '70s holiday specials, bringing the polyester-era shenanigans to a halt when a kitty hits some discordant piano notes. Adam&eveDDB created the work, with Jeff Low directing.


iPhone 15 Pro Goes on With the Show

With Hollywood's strikes receding into the rearview, Apple touts its iPhone 15 Pro with a focus on movies and TV. Biscuit's Steve Rogers directed the splashy spot below. All manner of actors, artists and production pros appear, with "There's No Business Like Show Business" providing the soundtrack.

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