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This Chatbot Could Enhance Your TikTok Experience

Not sure what to watch or who to follow on TikTok? The platform is developing a chatbot, named "Taco," that might be able to help. TikTok recently began testing the tech in the Philippines.


Comcast Business Explores the Possibilities

Comcast Business asks "Is It Possible?"—answering its own question with a rounding "Yes!" in fresh work from Goodby Silverstein & Partners and MJZ director Dante Ariola. "We try to make these business environments feel real and layered," GS&P creative director Chad Leitz tells Muse. "And we try to reach our audience on multiple levels. They're pretty savvy so we make sure we speak on their level with confidence. And, whenever appropriate, we like to sneak in a zinger—because work can be fun."


Spotify Dials Up the Volume on A.I.

Enhaning artificial intelligence across its ad offering sounds sweet to Spotify, per reports, as the streamer explores creating commercials in podcasts with human-sounding A.I. voices. Podcaster Bill Simmons teased the development, which would feature audio modeling of human speech.


Adobe Plans New A.I. Tools to Boost Creativity

Adobe just released its Firefly generative A.I. editing suite, but already plans a major upgrade by year's end. In essence, Firefly itself, and the coming improvements, should help put the software on par with Dall-E and ChatGPT, allowing users to craft complex projects through simple text prompts. The enhancements are designed to boost functionality across the brand's Creative Cloud.


Will ESPN Change How Fans View Live Sports?

ESPN already has a streaming service, ESPN+, but the platform could soon expand its live sports offering in a major way, per press reports. Apparently, the Disney unit is prepping a new subscription-based streaming option, code-named "Flagship." Such an offering would presumably add NFL and NBA games, now available exclusively on TV, plus other content. (ESPN+ features MLB and NHL coverage).


TikTok's New Program Links Artists and Brands

TikTok just launched an "Artist Impact Program" designed to link artists and brands. Now, acts can opt into TikTok's Commercial Music Library and add trending songs. "Our goal is to provide brands with a safe, yet expansive library of music to use in their content, while opening up new revenue streams for the artists that power it," says Bryan Cosgrove, director of commercial music & creative licensing for the platform.


CIBC Says $0 Money Transfer Fees Can Change Lives

Free money transfers can mean an awful lot in human terms. CIBC Global Money Transfer makes that point in sweet ads from agency Courage and director Omri Cohen of Spy Films. Spots follow real families, and we learn that extra money equals more groceries, increased quality time with loved ones, and, most importantly, hope for a better tomorrow.

Beer & Wine

Kona Rides a 'Big Wave' of Rebranding

Kona Brewing Co. has rebranded as Kona Big Wave with a new logo, packaging design and fresh ads. Spots stress human connections and Kona's vow to "Bring the Aloha" far and wide. Duncan Channon crafted the campaign.

Alcoholic Beverages

Lipton Hard Iced Tea Gets Pretty Darn 'Obvious'

"Obviously" is the punchline in fresh work for Lipton Iced Hard Tea from Founders Agency. Silly scenarios include a boss riding a mechanical bull in the office and a photo booth turned oil-painting session. The campaign is running across connected TV and digital platforms in the U.S.

Public Safety

Change the Ref Creates Kids' Book on Gun Violence

Patricia and Manuel Oliver, co-founders of Change the Ref, partnered with BCW to create a mock children's book that tells the tragic tale of Joaquin "Guac" Oliver (their real-life son) who left for school and never returned. Joaquin was one of 17 people killed in a mass shooting in Parkland, Fla. Joaquin's First School Shooting is a dark tale, told in a childlike way, often rhyming. The book is not suitable for kids, though. This week, the Olivers will hand deliver books to legislators on Capitol Hill.

Health & Wellness

Wear Your Feels on Your Sleeve With FreeTherapy

The Mental Health Association of Forsyth County, N.C., and agency The Variable just launched a Gen-Z clothing line called FreeTherapy, with hoodies, tote bags and T-shirts. The goal is "to raise awareness of the benefits of mental health treatment while also raising funds for the clinic's free therapy program."


McCain Invites Folks to 'Put Mom in the Picture'

According to McCain, moms take most family snaps. That means, by and large, they're left out of the picture about 35 percent of the time. For Mother's Day, the brand and Rethink teamed up with photojournalist Krisanne Johnson to capture candid pictures of moms with their loved ones. McCain is also sharing photo tips on IG, and giving Canadians the chance to win a pro photog session.

Beer & Wine

Corona Calls Out the 'Coastguards' to Help Protect Mexico's Beaches

Developed by The Juju, "Corona Coastguards" encourages locals and tourists to support coastline monitoring by taking pictures of beer at the beach—showing the horizon, with sea, sky and sand visible—and then uploading the snaps to "Scientists will receive the photos and turn them into data helpful to explore solutions. People can quickly provide a large amount of data that would otherwise take years to collect," Corona says.


GYK, Sallie Mae Drop Lo-Fi Album

Students studying for finals can chill as they cram thanks to "Sound Mind," a 17-track lo-fi album from GYK and Sallie Mae. It's designed to "boost brain power and help students study and relax." The banking brand seeks to tunefully target the 18-34 crowd, which accounts for 75 percent of low-fidelity listeners.

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