Why We Got Rid of Monday Client Presentations for Good

Let's actually have the weekend for ourselves

Because it's a surefire way to ruin a creative's weekend. So that's it. That's basically the whole article.

OK, OK, I'll add a tiny bit more context because these articles generally have more than 30 words. So here's 150 more words. How easy is it to book the client meeting on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday!?!

We've discovered it's easy. It's REALLY easy. Will your clients have an issue? No! We've told all our clients about our policy and it was met with universal applause. We've told clients who want to work with us the same thing. It wasn't even remotely an issue with them.

The pandemic has been tough. Personal boundaries are being ignored across the entire industry. Creatives in particular are burning out. We need time off. We need weekends to be about recharging, clearing our heads and enabling us to actually be excited for the week ahead. It's summer. Let's have one. Let's have a winter, spring and fall, too.

And we don't want this just to be a Rethink policy. The opposite, in fact. Everyone should be able to enjoy their weekends. Weekends are for going to beaches and lakes and barbecues. Weekends are for chilling on decks. Not MAKING decks. (The Google Docs kind, not the wood kind—those are cool).

No client meetings on Mondays is a little thing but it can go a long way in our industry. We're hoping this catches on. Personal boundaries matter. Weekends matter. Why scramble for an unnecessary client presentation that can happen any other day during the week?

Let's not ruin our weekends. After all it's only fucking advertising.

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Aaron Starkman
Aaron Starkman is the national cco of Rethink, AdAge's Creative Agency of the Year and host of the podcast It's Only Fucking Advertising.

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