What Writers Are Grateful for This Holiday

Feeling thankful for the work, and so much more

The season of gratitude is upon us. As a copywriter or speechwriter, it can get easy to live in your own head—and sometimes that can be a jaded place. So, why not get a fresh set of opinions from some of the best minds out there?

I asked a few writers I admire what they're grateful for this year. Here's what they said. 

Luke Sullivan

Author of Hey Whipple, Squeeze This: The Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads 

"As a writer, I am thankful that I get to use my brain for a living and not my back. I am thankful I get to put my feet up on the burled mahogany of the agency's conference room desk, sitting in a nicely appointed meeting room at a hip renovated suite in the warehouse district. Not in a warehouse lifting boxes or operating a forklift, which is basically the kind of work most people in the world do for a living. Every day. Eight, 10, 12 hours a day."

Jess Leibson

Global Communications Marketing Specialist at Berry Global, Inc.

"As a writer, Thanksgiving reminds of how grateful I am for the Chicago Manual of Style. It keeps my writing grammatically consistent, while providing inspiration to improve and excel." 

Craig Brown

Senior Copywriter at Decker

"I'm thankful for creative thinkers. Not just those in the creative department but anyone who applies creativity to what they do—account management, strategy, media, selecting seltzer flavors, etc. That doesn't mean they're coming up with the creative, it means they're thinking beyond the typical. Working together like that, pushing ourselves to think bigger, to adapt to changes in technology or pop culture, makes a stronger campaign."

Eddie Rice

Writer at Rice Speechwriting 

"I'm thankful for the positive and trusting clients who are true partners in the work that we do together." 

Cassie Alsfeld

Copywriter and president of Shoreline Strategies 

"This holiday season, I'm grateful for work. Steady, satisfying work."

Diane DiPiero Rodio

Copywriter at the Adcom Group 

"What I'm grateful for—or, for what I am grateful: that I've raised three grammar geeks who aren't afraid to risk a friendship over inappropriate use of a past participle." 

Adam Barr

Freelance copywriter, Barr Creative 

"I'm grateful to do work that I enjoy so much, I'd do it for free. I'd also be grateful if my paying clients never saw this." 

Cheril Clarke

Founder, Phenomenal Speeches

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to tell stories that will touch the lives of others. Words have power. Words can move and sway—they can change the hearts and minds of many when used in the right way. So, I'm grateful to have the talent, and endurance, to continue developing my skills and be of service to others as a writer."

Thomas Kemeny

Author of Junior: How to Write Your Way Ahead in Advertising 

"This year I'm thankful for any opportunity to plug my book. What book? Well I'm glad you asked. It's called Junior and it's for creatives and the people who manage them. Thank you and sincerest apologies for the opportunity."

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Josh Womack
Josh Womack is a senior copywriter at Ninety6, Progressive's in-house agency.

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