Handmade Goods Sing and Dance for Michaels' MakerPlace

Crafty stuff, to say the least

There was just one way to tout MakerPlace: Show handmade vases, bags, cushions, a crocheted hen and various tchotchkes singing along with '60s thumper "Respect" and busting dance moves.

You know you want to watch. Such branded puppet silliness simply must be savored:

MakerPlace by Michaels | Respect the Handmade

Agency Oberland, production house Nexus Studios and director Conor Finnegan helped develop the campaign for arts and crafts chain Michaels, which launched MakerPlace last November.

Since the work touts an online marketplace for handmade goods, it probably makes sense to let the items themselves take center stage. And let's face it, that's one funky chicken. (Google it, youngsters!)

The work arrives as Michaels seeks to expand MakerPlace as a serious rival to Etsy.

"The campaign centers on respecting and supporting small, independent businesses, and the people who buy from them," says Oberland managing partner Lisa Topol. "That's why we chose a song which is indisputably the best song ever written about respect. And the joy is so contagious, even the goods being sold on MakerPlace are psyched to be there."

A team of puppeteers handled the high-stepping. Apart from CGI-animated lips, the :30 used no AI or other tech trickery. 

"As we see everything progressively becoming more automated, digital and less human, it was such a treat to see our items sold on MakerPlace come to life using practical magic," Topol says. 


Agency: Oberland 
Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer: Bill Oberlander
Executive Creative Director and Managing Partner: Lisa Topol
Co-Founder, CEO: Drew Train
Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Partner: Kate Charles
Creative Director Copy, Vice President: Chris Plehal
Creative Director Art, Vice President: Esteban Izquierdo
Project Manager: Rossana Pontieri
Executive Producer: Kristen Barnard/ClairCollective
Creative Director, Copy - Scott Kaplan
Creative Director, Art - Molly Adler

Production Company: Nexus Studios
Director: Conor Finnegan
Executive Producer: Ryan Goodwin-Smith
Senior Producer: Janet Smith
Compositing Lead: Gareth Tredrea
Studio CG Lead: Andy Spence
Editor: David Slade
Art Director: Gordon Allen
DP: Matt Day

Michaels: Creative Concepting
Aimee Berger
Bridget Hawkins
Laura Graff
Parker Thornton
Lauren Scott
Diana Zaky 
Digger Hayes
Katie Truesdale
Julian Gallegos
Laura Lee Sparks
Kia Bowens
Lauren Costin 

Michaels: Additional Campaign Support
Peyton Pogue
Ali Resor
Aparna Bhatnagar

Michaels: Creative Ops
Melissa Morse
Abbey Brubaker

Grade Company: Glassworks VFX
Colourist: Daniela Rotaru

Music & Licensing Company: Junto Sounds

Audio Mix: Sonic Union
Mixer: David Papa
Producer: Gina Petrarca

Featuring Products Inspired by MakerPlace Sellers:
Sun Sprinkles
Breads & Threads Handmade

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