Fail Fast, Succeed Faster

Life coach Jeff Leisawitz explains the advantages to failing fast

Wanna fail fast and succeed faster?

In any creative endeavor, or any endeavor at all, you gotta do it wrong before you do it right. But the trick is to learn from your mistakes.

If you look at the world in a positive and productive way, there really is no failure. There is only feedback. Catch that? Even a full-on, five star dumpster fire has some redeeming quality, something to learn.

So, add an exotic ingredient to your oatmeal. Glue feathers to your hat. Make up words to talk to your houseplants.

Just do something.

The faster you fail, the faster you learn, the faster you succeed.

How has failure led to your creative success?

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Jeff Leisawitz
Jeff Leisawitz is a Clio Gold and Cannes Lion Gold award-winning creative consultant and a life coach for creatives of every flavor. Book a complementary call to step up your game:

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