Be Curious, Not Judgmental

The real role creativity can play in this crisis

"Be curious, not judgmental." Walt Whitman said that. 

I suspect that guy would have made one hell of a creative director. 

Especially during these Covid days.

Because having a "Be curious, not judgmental" attitude is what creativity is all about. And it's why creative souls are needed now more than ever.

Covid is a novel virus. As in, new. As in, we have a lot to learn. As in, now more than ever is the time to be curious, not judgmental. 

Go out. Stay in. Trust the models. Don't trust the models. Sweden got it right. Sweden got it wrong. Lives over the economy. The economy saves lives. Enforce the rules. Embrace personal responsibility. #COVIDIOTS. Idiots who call people #COVIDIOTS. Close borders. Open borders. New normal. Back to normal. Wrong. Right. Right. Wrong.

I suspect Walt would say the answers lie somewhere in the middle. 

And that we, as an industry built on the creative spirit, are best suited to remind people that a middle ground does indeed exist.

So, what if?

Instead of making another #StayHome campaign, we made a #HugADifferentPOV campaign. 

What if?

Instead of making work that lands on one side, we made work that reminds people to be open to hearing both sides.

Be curious. Not judgmental. 

The creative spirit.

It has a role to play right now.

And it's bigger than just answering the brief.

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Ryan Spelliscy
Ryan Spelliscy is founder and chief creative officer of Juliet.

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