You Have to Move to Unlock Mike Posner's New Track, via Clif Bar

Setting the world in motion through music

To unlock Mike Posner's latest single, "Amor Fati" ("Love of Fate"), on your phone, you'll have to bust some moves.

That's the deal from Clif Bar, which engaged Edelman agencies Edible and UEG to create a platform, "Clif Remix in Motion," that syncs with your handset's motion detection tech.

As long as you bop, the beats won't stop, with more sounds and voices bubbling up. That goes for a pair of exclusive remixes, too. But If you plant your feet, elements fade until the track goes eerily silent.

Here's a demo showing how it works:

With concerts and sundry entertainment events curtailed over the past year and a half, many folks haven't been able to cut loose as much as they'd like, giving rise to heightened anxiety and depression. Through "Remix in Motion," Clif hopes to "inspire positive energy and celebrate the beauty of movement, which has the power to bring about positive physical, mental and societal change," according to Blaire Woloz, the company's senior brand manager.

Developed with software firm Reconstrukt, the initiative slots into Clif's broader "Let's Move the World" campaign, which supports good nutrition and active lifestyles. Posner fits as a brand ambassador, as the multi-platinum-selling "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" singer can't seem to sit still.

"Mike has demonstrated how individual movement can have a meaningful impact," notes Woloz. Indeed, his 2019 "Walk Across America" generated buzz, while a more recent trek to the summit of Mount Everest raised funds for the Detroit Justice Center.

"With 'Remix in Motion,' we are helping people find physical movement when live-music experiences are limited, and at the same time, fueling collective social movements," Posner says in press materials. "When we move, the world moves with us."

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