Stuck at Home or Work? McDonald's France Hypes Delivery

McDo+ saves the day!

We've all had one of those days where you can't leave the house or office—but you're hungry, on the verge of hangry, and need to eat. McDonald's France sees you and has a solution for your cravings—a new home delivery service, McDo+.

In a quirky musical number from TBWA\Paris, people unable to venture among others—owing to giant zits, a lack of cool clothes, sleeping twins or work commitments—enjoy McD's meals delivered to their doors.

Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" drives the narrative, and we see folks are actually stuck inside—attached to walls, shower curtains and so forth:

McDonald's | Home Delivery

"The idea is based on an insight: sometimes in life, we are stuck at work, at home, impossible to move," says Benjamin Marchal, ECD at TBWA\Paris. "What better way to explain it than a cheesy teenage song that also conveys the idea? "It's a bad day. Not anymore."

Directed by Bjorn Ruhmann, the video is part of a larger campaign set to launch at the end of February to highlight the benefits of M+.

"The special effects did a remarkable job," Marchal tells Muse. "Everything was shot in real life. We then erased the harness cables in post-production. The actors lip-synced while singing. The takes seemed never-ending on the bathroom set. The teenager fell asleep."


Client : Jean Guillaume Bertola, Benoit Kolb, Maxime Gangneux
Agency : Christophe Neyret, Margaux Wanin, Charlotte Delpon, Cassandra Cosson, Louison Palatre
Executive Creative Directors :  Benjamin Marchal et Faustin Claverie
Artistic Director : François Claux
Copy writer: Swann Richard
Head of strategic planning : Céline Mazza
Head of TV et CEO Else\ :  Maxime Boiron
Creative Producer : Elisabeth Boitte
Film Production  :  SOLAB
Production manager : Anne-Laure Godhino
Executif producer : Edouard Chassaing
Director : Bjorn Ruhmann
Post-production :  \ Else
Post Producer : Mélanie Bernard
Sound Production : \ Else
Head of music and sound :  Olivier Lefebvre
Music & Sound Producer :  Fanny Mithois
Sound engineer : Alexandre Robieux and Matthieu Seignez
Music AD : Thomas Jacquet et Ferdinand Huet
Music Legal & Business Affairs :  Marion Le Guluche

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