Spotify Has Puppets Act Out Interviews With Real Couples About Their Music Habits

Campaign introduces Spotify Premium Duo

Music famously brings people together. But what about people who are together together? What role does music play for couples living under the same roof? And can relationships survive two completely opposing tastes?

A fun study last year by online ticket retailer TickPick looked at how music tastes affect romantic relationships. Among the findings: Only 46 percent of women and 54 percent of men said they would date someone with music tastes they'd consider "bad." And yet, they say opposites attract. It's ... a conundrum.

Today, Spotify wades into this clearly emotional topic of couples and their musical tastes in a fun campaign, created in-house, promoting its new Spotify Premium Duo plan—two accounts for $12.99 a month, for those living at the same address.

For the creative approach, they interviewed three real-life couples about their musical habits. Then, they took the audio to Buenos Aires-based production company Tronco, and had puppets speak the words. Production company 1stAveMachine also worked on the campaign.

Below is the hero :60.

Introducing Spotify Premium Duo

And here are three :15s, one for each couple.

Spotify Premium Duo: Listening Together
Spotify Premium Duo: Sharing Music
Spotify Premium Duo: No Disruptions

The hero spot will break on TV starting Monday.

The approach is somewhat reminiscent of one of our favorite animated shorts of all time—Creature Comforts, created by Aardman Animations, a mockumentary that showed zoo animals voicing a soundtrack of British people talking about their homes.


Spotify Premium Duo Puppets
Launch Date: 7/6/20

VP, Global Executive Creative Director: Alex Bodman
Group Creative Director: Marie Roenn
Associate Creative Director: Kathleen Carter, Alex Reinoso
Head of Brand Design: Rasmus Wangelin
Global Brand Design Director: Carlo Luetto
Art Director: Kelly Longaker
VP, Global Brand: Alexandra Tanguay
Head of Global Brand: Lauren Solomon
Brand Lead: Candice Greenberg
Senior Brand Manager: Jonathan Chu

Director of Integrated Production: Belinda Lopez
Executive Producer: Lauren Keller
Senior Producer: Veronica Williams
Integrated Producer: Kenzie Tankersley
Business Affairs: Lauren King
Global Strategy Director: Zach Pentel
Creative Strategy Lead: Nathan Doiev
Business Affairs Manager: Lauren King
Legal Council: Sarah Henderson, Ali Zeren, Claudia Stauss

VP, Premium Brand & Marketing: Veda Partalo
Premium Global Director Marketing Strategy: David Broad
Premium Marketing Manager: Daniela Sabel
Premium Product Marketing Lead: Jacob Schulman
North America Premium Lead: Kirsten Tang
Premium Social Associate Manager: Jordan Toczynski

UM Worldwide

Production company: 1stAveMachine
Production company: Tronco
EPs: Michaela Mckee & Rocio Furmento
Directors: Sebastian Schor + Becho & Mab
Puppet designer: Mab Bergara, Martin Santos
Puppet Construction: Sidney Page
Audio production: Sonic Union 

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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