A Snowman Belts Out Boston's 'More Than a Feeling' in Coors Light's Holiday Ad

DDB Chicago invents the 'Holiday Beerman'

We can't rely on much this winter, but we can rely on snow to fall. (Climate change hasn't completely put a damper on that—yet.) And so, a number of brands are embracing the snowman as a reassuringly familiar theme for their holiday ads.

Coors Light's snowman, though, isn't exactly cut from the Frosty mold.

Our frigid friend is dubbed the "Beerman" because he happens to be a handy receptacle for chilled Coors Lights, perfect for snagging at socially-distanced outdoor gatherings. And in a new 90-second spot, after all the humans have left or gone inside, the icy bro sidles up to a piano and belts out some holiday cheer.

Except, instead of a traditional holiday classic, he decides to sing Boston's "More Than a Feeling," backed up by a groovy yeti sideman who shreds on guitar. (Luckily, the yeti is at least six feet from the Beerman at all times, lest the former's ripping solo melt the latter's face—or indeed, the rest of him too.)

The Holiday Beerman

"This year we need some pure holiday joy more than ever. What could be more joyful than a snowman finding his groove with the help of '80s rock icons Boston?" asks DDB Chicago executive creative director Colin Selikow. "In some ways, The Beerman represents us all. A little shabby from a hard year, and just wants to let loose this holiday season."

DDB worked on the Beerman with Legacy Effects, the practical effects developers behind Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Mike Warzin of Arts & Sciences handled directing chores.

Musical themes are often central to holiday advertising, of course. Seasonal standards are most common, but brands have had success going well beyond those—as in the John Lewis work (including "The Boy and the Piano" two years ago) and last year's Argos spot with the epic drum battle (set to the 1985 Simple Minds track "Don't You (Forget About Me)."

"The holidays are filled with family-focused traditions, so during a time when we could all use a moment of chill, Coors Light wanted to introduce something just for grownups" says Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing for the Coors Family of Brands. "Beerman brings levity to this time of year, as he exists simply to keep your Coors Light perfectly cold and bring a smile to your face."

The campaign will also feature Beerman ornaments, a custom Snapchat lens and build-your-own Beerman kits.


Molson Coors – Coors Light
Chief Marketing Officer: Michelle St. Jacques
VP, Marketing, Coors Family of Brands: Marcelo Pascoa
Marketing Director, Coors Light: Chris Steele
Sr. Marketing Manager, Coors Light: Liz Cramton
Associate Marketing Manager, Coors Light: Stephanie Donelson

DDB Chicago
Chief Creative Officer, DDB Worldwide: Ari Weiss
Chief Creative Officer, North America: Britt Nolan
Executive Creative Director: Colin Selikow
Creative Director: Alan Shen
Creative Director: Chris Walker
Associate Creative Director: Sandra Jurado
Director of Music: Alec Stern
Sr. Copywriter: Amy Finn-Welch
Chief Production Officer: Diane Jackson
SVP, Executive Producer: Matt Blitz
Sr. Producer: Adam Battista
SVP, Group Account Director: Kiska Howell
Account Supervisor: Kyle Piazza
Account Manager: Raneen Onallah
Production Business Manager: Jillian English

Arts & Sciences
Director: Mike Warzin
Executive Producer: Mal Ward
Producer: Kristin Porter
DP: Sean Porter

Editor: Neil Smith
Executive Producer: Marlo Baird
Assistant Editor: Josh Sasson
Producer: Brian Scharwath

VFX House

Character Development

Colorist: Daniel De Vue
Color Assist: Corey Martinez, Dylan Bursick
Producer: Jenny Peterson
Executive Producer: Thatcher Peterson

Licensed/Composed Music
Executive Producer: Sara Matarazzo
Executive Producer: Stephanie Pigott
Producer: Danielle Soury

PR Agency
ICF Next

Media Agency

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