Snoop Goes Smokeless ... for His Solo Stove Fire Pit

A Snoop-branded fire pit bundle debuts today

In last week's social media post shared around the world, weed connoisseur Snoop Dogg said he was giving up smoke.

The post garnered massive media attention, and today we learn the punchline: Snoop has become the official "smokesman" for Solo Stove's smokeless fire pits.

Like the rest of us, Snoop enjoys sitting around a pit without "coughing and having his clothes smelling all sticky icky."

A :30 from The Martin Agency opens with a serious Snoop parting ways with smoke. The camera pulls back to reveal the rapper sitting in front of his smokeless fire pit. It ends with Snoop roasting a marshmallow—and you can feel his joy.

"Snoop is one of the best improv talents I've ever worked with, so the BTS/outtakes were amazing," says Chase Zreet, senior copywriter at Martin. "You can see it when he's roasting a marshmallow (actually for the first time in his life). We figured the [social media] concept would work better if the Solo Stove 'smokeless' partnership was in answer to something. So we had to create the question—'Why did Snoop Dogg stop smoking?' Thus, a very obscurely worded quote image was born."

A limited-edition Snoop fire pit bundle, based on the brand's existing Bonfire Fire Pit launches today at a cost of $349.99. The fire pit is matte black, features Snoop's initials and dog paws and signature at the bottom of the stove. The bundle also includes a fire pit stand, a Snoop bucket hat and a sticker pack.

"The more we got to thinking about it, Snoop is such an unexpected spokesperson for a fire pit brand, it just got sillier and sillier (in the best way)," says Allison Apperson, agency ACD/art director. "We wanted to keep this thing as far from an ad as possible. We know it's an ad, but the goal the whole time was to make it more like a confessional and play the rug pull joke straight. Snoop was a natural for this. Anyone else going 'smokeless' felt small. He's made smoke his whole identity. For him to say he's giving it up is kind of a big deal."


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