Slack Creates an Over the Top Take on 'The Big Meeting'

No more pre-meeting meetings thanks to tools in Slack

Nothing prepares the office crew for a big meeting like a song and dance number. Now, the crew can be more productive in a toned down, low-stress manner when using tools in Slack.

Brand New School and director Chris Dooley created "The Big Meeting," a mini-musical (those are popular these days) that illustrates how Slack keeps productivity high without all the pomp and circumstance.

"The film needed to be playful, charming, and rooted in productivity while allowing specific product features—huddles, canvas, summarize—to be the center of the story," says Dooley.

One employee kicks off the show when a client moves up an important meeting. In fact, he wants a pre-meeting meeting to ensure everyone's on the same page. But his colleagues know that a Slack huddle can make that happen.

For searching through months of emails and stats, all this guy needs is Slack. (Though we'll never say no to a cheese board.)

"The film was shot over four days in Barcelona," Dooley tells Muse. "All the office interiors were filmed in a single office building, where we had access to several floors and the roof. We hadn't planned on filming on the roof, but once we got a look at it, I knew that was where the big finale needed to happen. So, I revised the last scene and worked quickly with our production designer to create the facade of an office interior that could break away in-camera. And with our choreographer and DP to restage the final performance."


Brand New School Team
Director & Executive Creative Director: Chris Dooley
Cinematographer: Olmo Sobrino Carrasco
Writers: Dave Muhlenfeld & Chris Dooley
Choreographer: Emma Evelein
Cast: Tice Oakfield, Carolina Oliveira, Eddie Blackwell, Daiana Kosower, Daniel Buko, Shira Nimaga
Dancers: Shawnee Arvelo, Staniel Ferreira, Julia Kayser, Héctor Puigdomenech, Joel Mesa, Violeta Wulff
“The Big Meeting” Lyrics & Script: Dave Muhlenfeld & Chris Dooley
Original Music & Audio Post: Squeak E. Clean
Colorist: Maria Nualart
Production Designer: Ariel Santiago
On Set VFX Sup: Ivan Garriga
Designers: Jean-Michel Verbeeck
Illustrators: Phoebe Hsu
Animation Director: Gerald Mark Soto
2D Animators: Oliver Wee, Anthony Kim
CG Director: Russ Wootton
3D Artists: Chris Foster
Head of VFX: Blake Huber
Compositors: Mark French, Rachel Rardin
Storyboard Artist: Hugh Keenan
Editor: Brad Turner
Assistant Editor: Ryan Rigley
Post Producer: Brendan Mills
Executive Producer: Garret Braren
CCO: Jonathan Notaro
Managing Partner: Devin Brook
Line Producer: David Wolfson

Slack Team
VP, Global Brand Marketing & Creative Strategy: Colin McRae
Senior Director, Global Brand Marketing Strategy: Kirk Landgraf
Senior Brand Marketing Manager: Rob Klein
Senior Design Manager: Jennifer Tan
Senior Copywriter: Brandon Wells
Senior Brand Designer: Marcos Calamato
Creative Director / Copywriter: Eva McEnrue
Director, Film & Video: Adam Hobbs
Director, Integrated Production: Allie (Sherratt) Toltzman
Creative Integrated Producer: Lauren Baker
Tatiana Shchekina - Senior Animator, Motion Graphics

Squeak E Clean Team
Original Music & Audio Post: Squeak E Clean Studios
Executive Creative Producer: Jennie Armon
Creative Director / Composer: Julie B. Nichols
Vocals: Tice Oakfield, Julie B. Nichols & Angelina Phengphong
Sound Design and Mix: Chris Nungary, Surachai Sutthisasanakul
Lead Producer: Anna Garcia Lascurain
Senior Post Producer: Angelina Phengphong

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