Self-Pitying Power Outlets Sing the Blues for Apple

With a new track from Doe Boy

This tuneful :40 from Apple spins a wall-to-wall pity party, with electrical outlets lamenting their loneliness owing to the iPhone 15 Plus' long battery life. 

Apple | Miss You

"At night, I remember
When you and I were inseparable.
We had pure energy.
We had that chemistry.
...I feel like it has been too long
And I am missing you."

They should play the club circuit! 

Makes us wonder why absolutely no brand has ever dabbled in pareidolia—the tendency to see human faces in inanimate objects—before.

Kidding aside, the work's a cute coda to Apple's year-long playlist of commercials featuring innovative (or at least interesting) uses of pop music. Here, we get a fresh track, "Way Too Long," from Doe Boy, composed by Breyan Isaac and Cotrell Dennard. 

Past Apple efforts in a similar vein include memorable spots with songs by NewJens, Olivia Rodrigo and George Harrison.

The tech titan's in-house team created the new spot, titled "Miss You." François Rousselet directed through Division Global.

The clip breaks this week across broadcast, online and social channels.

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