Sad Clucker: Chicken-Dude Croons a Country Song About Pretzels

Heartache comes home to roost

"Thought we had something special. Then you left me for pretzels."

Nothing strange going on here. Just a chicken/country crooner hybrid called Travis Bird, plucking a guitar and performing a sad, sad song. Snack brand Snyder's of Hanover broke the feathered freak's heart. Apparently. 

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi and hyping Snyder's Nashville Hot flavor, the work will run mainly on TikTok (where else?), and fans can win limited-edition vinyl.

"What's an old bird got to do
To get that flavor back from you?
It was so much more than lust
But then you left me in the dust."

He thinks he's got problems? The FanDuel fowls wound up as dinner! And what's with that big-haired lug hanging out at the bar? Looks like he should be playing bass in a Stryker cover band.

At the shoot, "Travis definitely stopped traffic a few times when he stepped out for some fresh air," recalls agency ECD Nick Kaplan. "But once people looked into his soulful eyes, they knew this bird had a story to tell. Our director, Sheena Brady, and the whole production crew did an amazing job keeping our actor—and his many pounds of prosthetics—comfortable so he could stay in character."

Musical critters abound these days, with Meow Mix's Tabby 5 dancing on little cat feet and Pringles' prog-rock hamster pawing the keys.

As for Snyder's, "Nashville Hot used to belong to chicken, but now that fiery flavor is leaving for a new lover—pretzels," Kaplan says. "This is an understandably heartbreaking situation for chicken. The kind of heartbreak that can only be understood through a sad country song."

"Not only did this seem like a great way for chicken to channel the complex emotions that come along with being dumped for a snack, it was also a compelling way to launch this new Snyder's of Hanover Pretzel Pieces flavor while celebrating Nashville, where country music has its roots."


Snyder's of Hanover 
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