Rolling Stone Made Soundproof Rock Posters So Kids Can Jam in Their Bedrooms in Peace

Acoustic foam, coated with fireproof resin and fiberglass

Annoying your parents by blasting—or attempting to play—rock music is a tradition going back decades. But now, Rolling Stone is waging peace between kids and their parents, thanks to a campaign that turns rock posters into soundproofing material. 

Rolling Stone Brasil and Y&R Brazil (part of VMLY&R Group) have created "Soundproof Posters," which is exactly what they are. They're made of acoustic foam, and coated with fireproof resin and fiberglass. And for young people learning to play the guitar in their bedrooms, they'll help muffle the sound and prevent headaches among the older occupants of the home. 

Here's a gallery of the posters: 

"Two things happen when teenagers decide to learn the guitar: They will annoy neighbors, parents and siblings, and they will hang band posters on the wall. So what if the latter helped with the former?" the agency says. 

The posters were made by Focus Cinematography, which we're told used a new production technique developed specifically for the project. 

Instagram, a favorite platform for guitar selfie videos, was a focal point of the accompanying digital campaign. Wanna-be rock stars could post their best riffs using the hashtag #SoundproofPoster for a chance to win a set of four posters. 

See the case study below for more. 

Rolling Stone Brasil | Soundproof Posters

Cliente: Rolling Stone
Campanha: Soundproof Posters

Creative Vice President: Rafael Pitanguy
Creative Director: Rafael Pitanguy, Rafael Gil, Rodrigo Almeida, Beto Rogoski, Celso Alfieri, Laura
Esteves, Kleyton Mourão
Art Director: Denon Oliveira, Alexandre Fernandes, Gustavo Bittencourt, Andre Oberg
Copywriter: Frederico Teixeira, Maria Clara Cardão, Rogério Martins
Client Services: Heloisa Guimaraes
Producer: Thais Gordon, Deborah Garcia
Agency Production Team: Nicole Godoy, Camila Naito, Anderson Rocha Jay Leonel.
Photographer: Hilton Ribeiro
Art Buyer: Monica Beretta , Mariana Resende
Planner: Paulo Vita
Media: Glaucia Montanha
Illustrator: Denon Oliveira, Rafael Gil
3D: Rodolfo Martins, Daniel Gerolde Gava, Gabriel Bueno

Producer: Y&R
Edition: Israel Quirino
Post Production: Y&R Team
Animation: Zeca Riscala, Fernando Yagyu
Film Production Company: Walk In
Director: Stefano Capuzzi Lapietra
Executive Director: Stefano Capuzzi Lapietra
Color: Clan VFX
Sound Studio: Antfood
Client Services: Renato Castro e Christiane Rachel
Music supervisor: Lou Schmidt, Fernando Rojo, Vinicius Nunes

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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