Real Housewives Sing About Having Work Done in Fiber One Music Video

Flaunt it 'cuz you want it!

In this age of hyper-sharing and media overload, if you've "had some work done," why bother denying the rumors? You might as well sing about it loud and proud in a splashy music video. 

Several stars from Bravo's Real Housewives franchise do just that in the clip below, celebrating with a funky dance track that boasts lines like, "I know I look delicious, confirming your suspicions/Yeah I've had some work done, but Rome wasn't built on wishes." 

There's no actual mention of nips or tucks, but reality TV fans will get the idea.

Oh, the video's for Fiber One Brownies, touting a makeover that includes fresh packaging, recipes and flavors. It was created by agencies Joan, Mindshare and Ketchum.

Work it, ladies: 

Melissa Gorga, Porsha Williams and Sonja Morgan handle vocals, with cameos from Dorinda Medley and Tamra Judge. All appear in various iterations of Real Housewives, and each has, at one time or another, been gossiped about for, well, having some "work done." 

"We call our target audience the 'Grown Ass Woman,' and that's exactly what she is," says General Mills senior brand experience manager Mindy Murray. "She's a no-nonsense woman who is looking for a little indulgence that doesn't take her weight management plan off track. She also happens to be a huge fan of reality TV, specifically shows with women who are loud and proud of who they are and the decisions they make to feel their best."

Reaction on the interwebs has been decidedly, and predictably, mixed. Jezebel decries the project as "the bitter end of SponCon," but that feels way too harsh.

Look, these are Real Housewives. No one expects high art, and we'd argue that the flashy/trashy tackiness is the point, appealing to an audience that readily devours such fluff and keeps coming back for more.

EOnline's "must-see" rave feels more on the mark. This stuff is so wink-wink self-aware and meta, gaudily reflective of a brand-obsessed world where science and technology let us remake and broadcast ourselves daily in whatever image we choose. 

Pulse Films' Ben Mor directed the video, while Charity Daw, Josh Edmondson and Sam Hollander wrote the song. 

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