A Powerful Ciara Track Propels This Timely Appeal From Feeding America and the Ad Council

Tossing a lifeline to those in need

Feeding America estimates that 37 million people are currently grappling with food insecurity, and projects 17 million more could go hungry as coronavirus-related job cuts and school closures persist.

Who's got their backs? Who will step up to help?

By opening our hearts and wallets to support the nonprofit's nationwide network of foodbanks, we will. All of us who can. Caring members of the human community.

In an Ad Council PSA from Colle McVoy that dropped today, stirring black-and-white images of folks in need and shots of Feeding America volunteers play across the screen, accompanied by Ciara's anthemic track "I Got You" (penned by legendary composer Diane Warren):

Coronavirus - Growing Need | Ad Council

On the song from 2015, Ciara sings:

"It all can get so out of control sometimes
You can lose your faith, you can lose your mind
Lose your grip, get stripped of your pride
Till you don't know how you're gonna stay alive…
I'll be there to stop the bleeding
I'll be there to start the healing
I will give you what you're needing
I'll be right there
I got your back, I got you."

The spot ends with this line: "There's a growing need to feed millions. With your help, we can."

"In the current moment, the need to support individuals and families is dire," Heidi Arthur, the Ad Council's chief campaign development officer, tells Muse. "Watching the PSA, we want viewers to feel empowered and know that any amount they can donate will help."

Once again, the Ad Council deploys a powerful tune with star power to cut through the clutter. Other examples include rapper Akinyemi's musical ode to checking in with friends during Covid-19, Alicia Keys' soulful tribute to essential workers, and Elmo's kid-focused hand-washing opus.

"Music is a powerful ingredient that can uniquely articulate a message with poetry and emotion," says Arthur. "And when the lyrics and tone accentuate an important issue like Ciara's 'I Got You' for this PSA, it strikes an unforgettable balance that we hope will resonate with audiences and inspire them to take action."

In a statement, Ciara adds: "Even if you are unable to make a donation, do your part by spreading kindness, gratitude and love whenever and wherever you can."

Donate here.


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