This Packaging Company Made a Cardboard Drum Kit That Positively Rocks

It's Stone Temple Pilots approved

A cardboard drum kit might sound intriguing on paper, but how would such a rig perform in real life? 

Positively slammin', as it turns out. 

In fact, Stone Temple Pilots drummer Eric Kretz raves after wailing away on the set in this five-minute video from Ernest Packaging Solutions:

Pound for pound, those drums deliver!

In their continuing quest to illustrate eco-friendly innovation in package design, Ernest and ad shop Liquid haven't missed a beat (ba-dum bum!). Past creations include a Fender Stratocaster guitar, surfboard and skateboard. They're all mainly made from packaging materials (though the drumheads are standard mylar), look sharp—and, most important, they really work.

"The Cardboard Chaos series has enabled us to deliver the ultimate in product demonstration in an entertaining way," says Liquid CEO Scott Gardner. Targeting customers and prospective employees, Liquid, Signal Productions and MK&R banged out the initiative, which also includes social content.

Though their mission is completely different, the cardboard drums succeed owing to the same transformational dynamic driving a current campaign from Parkland shooting survivors that featured a trumpet made from spent bullet casings. Defying expectations, each puts a fresh spin on familiar ideas and elements to snare our attention and amplify their respective appeals.

Plus, drums seem to be big right now. Puma recently made its own snazzy drum kit—made of sneakers.

Ernest design solutions director Mike Martinez created the kit with Masters of Maple drum craftsman Sahir Hanif. The project took a year to complete.

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