Nobody Listens Like You in Spotify's New Global Campaign

'Only You' ads and content hype playlists and podcasts

An ardent young fan at the beach plays Harry Styles' disco-fied hit "Adore You" fifteen times in a row—yet somehow stays sane!—in an amusing commercial from Spotify.

Filmed in fab, fun fashion by Division7's Similar But Different (aka, directors Charlotte Fassler and Dani Girdwood), the clip heralds the streaming service's latest global campaign. Themed "Only You," it breaks today, touting Spotify's selection of more than 70 million music tracks and 2.6 million podcasts for users everywhere.

Only You: Harry

Just let me adore you. Just let me adore you. Just let me adore you... Sorry, with all that repetition, the tune really stuck in my head in my head in my head.

" 'Only You' celebrates the uniqueness of each listener through stories that highlight the diverse tastes and interests across our global community," says Neal Gorevic, Spotify's global head of consumer marketing. "Whether you start your day with an episode of 'Crime Junkie' or spend your afternoon blasting 'Rap Caviar' while replying to emails, how we listen reflects our personalities and who we are. No matter how you listen, you have a home on Spotify."

Personally, we binge on Tagline, for deep dives into the greatest ad campaigns of all time. Because self-promotion!

For "Only You," more films are on tap, featuring tracks from SZA and Lil Nas X.

Other campaign elements, including out-of-home installations, evoke Spotify's iconic year-end "Wrapped" roundups that crunch listener preferences and data in compelling ways. 

For example, these ads turn up the volume on fandom...

...while app highlights include:

• "Birth Charts" featuring artists you've listened to the most, connected with deeply and recently discovered.

• A personalized "Dream Dinner Party" mix of three artists you'd set the table for. (For some, that's Harry Styles, Harry Styles and Harry Styles.)

• "Artist Pairs," "Song Year," "Time of Day" and "Genres/Topics," which chart audio habits to revealing evolving trends and preferences.  


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