Lizzo Cleans Up With Instacart in This Bubbly Ad From the VMAs

With a special red carpet appearance by Chloe Fineman in 'cart couture'

Lizzo gave a knockout performance during Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, and followed it up with a relaxing bath in a 60-second ad for Instacart that debuted following her onstage appearance.

Directed by Sam Brown, "The World Is Your Cart" features Lizzo shopping for food, drinks, phone chargers, flowers and bath bombs while she takes a bubble bath. Each item added to her cart comes to life; cheery trees surround Lizzo's when she adds cherries to her cart; a baguette transports her to France to a bakery with a charming Frenchman; and an order of flowers turns her bathroom into a floral paradise.

Lizzo | The World Is Your Cart | Instacart

Lizzo is the first celeb to take part in Instacart's new in-app service, Carts. Consumers can shop content curated from retailers and celebs. Lizzo's cart contains Skittles, Takis, Clorox wipes, Swiffer dusters, bananas and Impossible meat, among other goodies. The Old Gays will be the next creators to launch a Cart.

"From day one of ideating the campaign, we knew that we had to partner with Lizzo," an Instacart rep tells Muse. "Our internal marketing team worked with our agency partners, Droga5 (creative) and Mayflower Entertainment, to bring our vision to Lizzo and her team. Lizzo's joyful, authentic and aspirational personality was exactly what we were looking for to bring the wonder and whimsical vibe of the film to life."

Instacart also had a pre-show presence on the red carpet in the form of SNL actress Chloe Fineman wearing "cart couture" created by threeASFOUR.

Her outfit had snacks inside it, which she shared with others on the red carpet. I'm no fashionista, but this outfit looked like a cozy weighted blanket that stores food. Sign me up.

"The VMAs attract a younger audience across both social and TV, so we saw it as the perfect opportunity to debut our new campaign following Lizzo's on-stage performance at the show," says the Instacart spokesperson. "Our primary audience for this campaign are consumers who we call 'busy achievers'—they work full-time or have very busy family and/or personal lives."

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