Huggies, Droga5 Reimagine 'If You're Happy and You Know It' for Babies' Butts

Tuneful intro for the Skin Essentials line

You'd think creating one song about babies' behinds would be enough for a lifetime. But Huggies just can't stop.

After last year's "Baby Butt Bop," the venerable diaper brand returns with a fresh take on the kiddie clap-along "If You're Happy and You Know It." The work introduces a new line called Skin Essentials.

Droga5 and music house Milk & Honey transformed the aforementioned rhyme into "If You're Rash-Free and You Know It," a rockin' anthem celebrating all things baby.

Huggies | Skin Essentials

You know what that track needs? More bottom. 

The campaign breaks today. Lovesong's Max Weiland directed. He does a great job of contrasting quiet moments with the familial frenzy that makes parenthood oh so rewarding 24/7/365.

"What I've always loved about the Huggies brand is that they always talk directly to baby, centering the story on their experience," says agency creative director Ted Meyer.

"In this work, I love that even as we're launching a new line of products, we're doing it in a way that puts babies first—their joy, their comfort, their silly, happy messiness. Ultimately, it's a story about babyhood and what it can be when babies are free to be themselves."

In terms of campaign inspiration, "My daughter is 10 months old, and I sing goofy little songs to her all the time, taking the tune from a pop song or nursery rhyme and changing the words around to fit whatever we're doing," Meyer tells Muse. "The idea in many ways came from me just doing what I already do at home."

As for the vibe on set, "Shooting with babies—and that many babies!—is definitely a bit of a ride," he recalls. "They're arguably un-directable. Our director compared filming them to wildlife photography—'just hide in the bushes and wait.'"

"You never quite knew what you were going to get. But that was also the fun of it—sometimes you get things you never expected."

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