How Tyla Helped Gap Get Its Groove Back (on 74)

Nostalgia with a fresh, funky twist

In a bold move that merges nostalgia with the contemporary zeitgeist, Gap's spring campaign featuring Tyla has ignited a wave of excitement across the internet reminiscent of the brand's '90s heyday.

With its reimagining of "Back on 74," a video from British band Jungle that inspired a global TikTok dance craze, Gap has not only reprised its past, but also foreshadowed its future, capturing the essence of cool in a single campaign.

@gap Introducing #Linenmoves. @Jungle4eva’s worldwide hit “Back on 74” re-imagined with @Tyla. Featuring brand new choreography by @ShayLatukolan. Celebrating the moves that unite us. For individuals who make every move their own. #backon74 #junglebackon74 #backon74🎵 #backon74edit #shaylatukolanchoreography ♬ Jungle Back On 74 - gap

What makes this work stand out (and a standout!) is its ability to transport us back to a time when Gap was more than just a brand—it was a cultural touchstone.

The familiarity of the A-list-led music video taps into our collective consciousness, evoking fond memories of an era when every celebrity wanted to be in a Gap commercial, and the gifting season didn't begin until the brand released its annual holiday commercial.

But this work still feels fresh, new and forward leaning. That may be because the brand didn't settle for nostalgia. Instead, it embraced innovation and creativity to redefine its place in today's cultural landscape.

In addition to featuring Jungle and Tyla, Gap tapped Charlie Di Placido and J Lloyd, who co-directed the original "Back on 74" clip, and choreographer Shay Latukolan, who created the iconic dance.

As marketers and content creators, we can parse lessons from Gap's campaign, including the potential for blending nostalgia with innovation and leveraging partnerships with creatives to breathe new life into established brands.

What's old can be new again—and cool again, too.

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