'Got Milk?' Drops Music Video About Being 'as Real as Real Milk'

Actor and singer Diego Boneta stars

Despite the best efforts of every plant-based alternative under the sun, real milk consumption is on the uptick in California.

The California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), the consortium behind "Got Milk?" campaigns, launched a two-minute music video that's running solely in California and celebrates authenticity on and offline—urging people to be "as real as real milk."

Diego Boneta, the Mexican-born actor and singer, strolls past a newsstand with his mug on the cover, waxing his own chest hair, looking too suspiciously happy. A coffee shop singer starts waxing poetic about real world what-ifs. A coffee mug states "not a great boss," a phone ad renders itself obsolete and prompts a pre-order for its replacement, and a movie theatre sign reveals "Another sequel. Different actors." Some lyric highlights:

"In a world that's more real all around,
this dad can admit which one of his twins is his favorite one
and all those influencers get to eat their brunch before they post it online
we can that say that soccer players can act as good as those Hollywood stars."

The spot ends with Boneta attempting that famous milk pour ... and nailing it after a few dozen attempts.

got milk? | Get Real Music Video

"He is the perfect fit for us," says James Kulp, executive director of account management at agency GALLEGOS United, about Boneta. "A unicorn of sorts. In a state that is 60 percent multicultural and 40 percent Hispanic, representation is crucial. And Diego is a Latino who is living out our campaign—not afraid to be himself in the face of pressures to conform, he is an unabashed milk drinker and fan of the iconic 'got milk?' brand, making it in California on his terms."

A cute touch added to online elements is the state of California resembles a milk glass that's half-full... or half empty, depending on your current outlook.

 "The goal is to help people have a window into a more real world, to be more confident in their own skin, with their own unfiltered social profile, and in doing so, resist the social pressures that may be pushing them from the things they love," Kulp tells Muse. The goal is for a glass of milk to be that badge of unabashed authenticity."


CLIENT: California Milk Processor Board (got milk?)
Executive Director – Steve James

Executive Director – James Kulp
Sr. Account Supervisor – Angelica Rincon
Account Executive – Jack Adams
Creative Director – Cristián Costa
SR Art Director – Ramiro Crosio
SR Copywriter – Sebastián Blezowski
Chief Strategy & Engagement Officer – Andrew Delbridge
Strategy Director – Jasmin Esquivel
Executive Strategy Director – Bryn Little
Chief Innovation Officer – Mark Lainas 
Creative Director – Taua Baccarin
Jr Designer – Allie Galasso
Project Manager – Alyssa Eldredge
Director of Content and Engagement – Becky Peterhansen
Content Creator – Lucy Glover
Community Manager – Tyra Bryant 

Account Director – Lindsley Lowell
Account Executive – Kristine Tanaka

PRODUCTION AGENCY: Oak Leaf Productions
Head of Production – Daniel Marin 
Executive Content Director – Curro Chozas
Executive Producer – Ilene Kramer
Executive Producer – Gloria Guerra
Director of Post Production – Dave Garcia
Director of Business Affairs – Diane DeLisa
Editor – Andy Green

Director – Bondi formed by Rafa López Saubidet & Andrés Salmoyraghi
EP/Producer – César Ahumada
Producer – Pablo Pytlowany

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