Elton John Is the Worst Rap Battler in Fun New Snickers Ad

Boogie's not Boogie when he's hungry

Snickers always seems to land the best endorsers in the U.K. 

Four years after Rowan Atkinson starred in the "Mr. Bean Kung-Fu Master" spot, the candy brand returns with another classic Brit, Elton John, whose self-deprecating turn in a rap-battle scenario is refreshingly amusing. 

The 60-second spot is full of hip-hop talent, beginning with an MC battle between up-and-comers Emarr Kuhomano and Monique Lawz. Soon, Elton enters the scene—and doesn't exactly wow the crowd with his efforts. Another rapper, Femi Nylander, then offers Elton a Snickers bar—allowing him to reclaim his true identity, in classic Snickers fashion. 

Snickers Rap Battle

The spot was made by AMV BBDO. 

"Most people already know I've long been an advocate of hip-hop, and that's why I wanted be a part of this. I got to hang out with Boogie and some great hip-hop talent from the U.K., too," John said in a statement. "Moreover, I love the direction the new Snickers ads have humorously portrayed being off your game when you're hungry, but in a way that's current and relevant to young people, especially considering hip-hop is one of the biggest music genres in the world today."

"Working with Elton on the set of the new Snickers ad was everything I expected and more. He's generous with his time, funny and fantastically talented," added Boogie. "Between him and fresh new hip-hop talent like Femi Nylander, Emarr Kuhomano and Monique Lawz, it was an incredible coming together of multi-talented people."

"When we developed the rap battle concept, we knew Elton John would be the perfect fit to help bring this to life," said Dale Green, Snickers global brand director. "His unique blend of music, style and humor is instantly recognizable around the world and works well with our Snickers brand."

And by the way, if you've never seen the video of Rowan Atkinson interviewing Elton John, check it out—it's been described as the original Between Two Ferns. 

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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