Dos Equis Made 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' Even More Ridiculous in '80s-Soaked Ad

A cheesy time-warp from Droga5

Bonnie Tyler's gloriously goofy 1983 power ballad "Total Eclipse of the Heart" was already a campy classic. But a brand version, with silly lyrics touting Dos Equis, is more glorious and goofy than we ever thought possible. 

Droga5 created the beery update for a spot that looks like it was filmed on a set left over from Miami Vice, with a singer who's daring 'do and shiny shoulder pads would make John Hughes blush: 

Keep It Interesante | Hit Single

Nachos, hot wings … it's all good. 

"We wanted something that was familiar yet surprising, a song that sounded so melodramatic, it would be completely insane if it was rewritten to be all about beer," agency creative director Ryan Raab tells Muse. "'Total Eclipse' certainly fits the bill, and '80s music videos are nothing if not dramatic." 

He adds: "The song has about 17 hooks, each more melodramatic than the last. It's a karaoke staple, and has been a hit four or five times. But by rewriting the song so it's mostly about nachos, we think we've found its true emotional core."

Gives it a cheesy new flavor, that's for sure. (And it was loaded with cheese to begin with!) 

Of course, "Total Eclipse" has been an advertising staple for years, with notable appearances for marketers ranging from MasterCard to Fiber One.

Its latest appearance comes in a campaign themed, "Keep Summer Interesante"—a riff on the Dos Equis' iconic "Most Interesting Man in the World." Branded merchandise launches at a fashion show in Austin, Texas, next week, and a second clip presents a tearful, beerful wedding toast cribbed from the product's origin story: 

Keep It Interesante | Toast

Guess he just couldn't keep his feelings bottled up.

In both ads, director Wayne McClammy creates an atmosphere of self-aware stupidity that goes down smooth. After watching these once, we were ready for another round. 

Raab recalls that the "Total Eclipse" shoot was "pretty intense," with the crew using a crane to hoist a 2,000-pound disco ball above a hotel swimming pool. "We shot until quite late and blasted the song the entire time, so some guests became quite familiar with our rewritten hit. But they seemed to enjoy it," he says. 

Srsly though, was anyone on set even old enough to recall the '80s?

"A member of our crew was in a band that opened for Bonnie Tyler, so we he could vouch for our accuracy," Raab reports. "We were all born in or around 1983, when the song was first released, so we have some fuzzy but fond memories." 

Everybody, sing along:

And I need Dos Equis tonight...
And I'd also like some hot wings.
Scratch that, make those french fries.
Actually, let's go with hot wings.
You're bringing my nachos soon, right? 
Just making sure you got my order right. 
Once upon a time I was drinking Dos Equis,
Now I'm just waiting at the bar... 
There's nothing I can do, there's a really big crowd at the bar.


Dos Equis :: Keep Summer Interesante
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