DoorDash Dedicates a Ditty to Harried Holiday Workers

Dig this cheeky lament for the frenzied season

"What would it be like to deliver a slice?
Pick up, drop off, cash out—how nice!
Oh, how they earn to the rhythm of their own beat,
While I hear the same holiday songs on repeat."

Disgruntled mall workers battle a case of seasonal DoorDash envy in the delivery brand's minute-long musical. They're sick of crowds, canned carols and endlessly asking, "Would you like that gift-wrapped?"

How much merrier the life of a dasher, zipping around town and spreading joy to one jolly consumer at a time!

It must be a better gig, because ads never lie, especially not at the most wonderful time of the year.

Stink Films' Camila Zapiola directs with suitably subversive spirit, while Papa Music provides a mildly impudent original track.

DoorDash | Worker's Lament

That elf's such a rebel. Ride free with DoorDash, friend—and don't be late with my order!

“Despite the humor and musicality of this spot, it's got a human story at its core," Zapiola explains. "We needed to accurately showcase how demanding seasonal working culture can be, and how DoorDash serves up a very real solution to very real problems."

Music helped the team "tap into the emotions of miserable workers and draw them into the worst-imaginable Christmas," she says. "I oscillated between comedy and emotion to make the characters' arc feel real. I didn't want people singing just to make a point. I wanted to feature people that we knew and that we'd seen working during the holidays. They're funny because we recognize them."


Client: DoorDash
Agency: Superette @ DoorDash Creative Studio
Executive Creative Director: Mariota Essery
Group Creative Director, Dasher & Merchant: Julio D’Alfonso 
Sr. Copywriter Lead: Rachel Dady
Sr. Copywriter: Flavio Cherem
Sr. Art Director: Sarah Saltonstall
Business Lead, Dasher & Merchant: Josh Lybarger
Brand Supervisor, Dasher & Merchant: Arika Kogan
Project Manager: Lyndsey Dorian

Creative Producer: Jeremy Lewis
Chief Marketing Officer: Kofi Amoo-Gottfried
Sr. Director, Brand Marketing: David Bornoff 
Director, Dasher Brand Marketing: Brett Corrick 
Sr. Manager, Brand Marketing: Val Noonan 
Brand Marketing Manager: Lila Abramson

Production: Stink Films L.A. 
Director: Camila Zapiola
Stink President: Daniel Bergmann 
Executive Producer: Nicky Barnes Managing 
EP: Fran McGivern 
Producer: Pablo Pytlowany
DP: Leandro Filloy
Prod Designer: Natalia Grosso 

Music Composition: Papa Music 

Editorial: Whitehouse
Editor: Adam Rudd
Assistant Editor: Tiffany Taveras
EP: Ryan Smith
Sr. Producer: Melanie Klein Finishing: Carbon
Flame Artist: Michael Sarabia 
Flame Artist: Heidi Anderson
MCR: Marcus Thomas
EP: Gretchen Praeger
Color: Company3
Colorist: Jamie O'Bradovich
Color Producer: Nick Krasnic 
Sound Design & Mix: Wave
Sound Designer/Mixer: Isaac Matus 
Executive Producer: Vicky Ferraro

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