Disney+ Made 2-Inch Vinyls, Composed by Ludwig Göransson, for Record Store Day

Look closely when digging through that vinyl

Little record, big composer. In honor of Record Store Day tomorrow, Disney+ created miniature 2-inch, playable discs. 

The streamer's newly updated 5-second mnemonic, composed by Ludwig Göransson (Black Panther, The Mandalorian, Oppenheimer), can now be played over and over and over—even when you're not firing up the service.

The vinyl version was recorded with a 40-piece orchestra and comes with tiny liner notes and equally small autographed posters.

A trailer, created by Callen, shows how the small but mighty record can be enjoyed in a tiny house or full-sized home.

Disney+| Tiny Vinyl | Five Seconds of Magic

To get your hands on one, check out this list of participating record stores and arrive early, for it's first come, first serve to score a free album. And each record store only has one copy.


Disney Entertainment
Jackson George, SVP Creative Advertising
Andy Baker, VP Creative Marketing
Zack Jerome, VP Marketing Strategy
Nicole Short, Director, Operations
Heather Piche, Project Manager

Agency: Callen
Chief Creative Officer: Craig Allen
President: David Hughes
Head of Production: Amy Kommatas
Group Brand Director: Courtney LeBlanc
Group Strategy Director: Britton Taylor
Executive Producer: Cordelia Kipp
Art Director: Matt Nall
Copywriter: Kyle Davis
Art Director: Ben Hallam
Copywriter: Weston Bliobenes
Copywriter: Ethan Sims

Amy Corr
Amy Corr is senior editor of Muse by Clio.

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