A Claymation Band Belts It Out for This Online Health Provider

Australia's Rosemary Health gets 'Fully Sick'

Patients dreaded going to doctors long before there was a pandemic. Snagging an appointment takes time, so does getting to the office and waiting and waiting and waiting. So much wasted time.

An online healthcare provider and pharmacy service recently launched in Australia to change the way people see healthcare and how prescriptions are attained. Spoiler alert: It's all from home and no need to drop trou.

Rosemary Health can provide care to patients with 22 conditions under three categories: everyday care, chronic conditions and sexual health. Think acne, menopause, incontinence, herpes, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, cold sores, contraceptives, gout, mental health, hypothyroidism and osteoporosis, among others. Users pay online per visit compared to a monthly service charge.

Milk + Honey United created an online and OOH campaign introducing the brand in a cheeky, humorous way, a move that some healthcare brands are shifting toward.

A 90-second Claymation campaign stars a band named Fully Sick. Fun fact: "Fully sick" has a secondary meaning in Australia. It's an expression used to describe something awesome. Just make sure your delivery tone denotes that or Grandma might get worried for nothing.

Rosemary Health | Rosemary Feels Better

Using the tagline "Rosemary feels better," the band illustrates the convenience of staying home when unwell and having prescriptions delivered directly with catchy lines like "Jump the queue while you're on the loo," "If there's something wrong with your rocket, remember you got a doctor in your pocket," "Less awkward chats without your daks [pants], keep your undies on" and "Repeat prescriptions from our pharmacists, unless you need an exorcist."

Out-of-home ads emphasize what patients can avoid when using Rosemary Health, like morphing into a skeleton in a waiting room or sitting in traffic.

Click the images to enlarge and scroll through:

"Our aim is to make people feel better every time they interact with Rosemary," says Steve Jackson, co-founder of Milk + Honey United. "We want to let people know there's a better way to manage their health; a modern way that removes the pain points and uncomplicates the complicated. Rosemary's mission isn't just around being healthier—it’s also about living a happier and better life."

Agency co-founders Steve Jackson and Andy DiLallo co-wrote the song lyrics, and the Claymation characters are based on people they know, except the skeleton and pickle.

"Rosemary is reinventing healthcare, so we wanted to tell their story in an equally disruptive way," Hazelle Klønhammer, managing director of Milk + Honey United, tells Muse. "The humorous Claymation style is a huge break from typical branding in the category, which isn't very playful by nature. The lighthearted approach also makes it easier to connect with people around difficult or sensitive medical conditions such as acne or sexual health."


Client: Rosemary Health, Sydney
Agency: Milk + Honey United, Sydney
Production/Animation: Cirkus, New Zealand
Music & Sound: Squeak E. Clean Studios 
Media Agency: Wavemaker & Webprofits

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