Cindy Crawford Channels Iconic '92 Pepsi Super Bowl Ad for 'One Margarita'

Song of the summer gets a brand twist

1992 Cindy Crawford was all about the cola. She made global headlines by rocking a tight white top and jeans for Pepsi's super-popular Super Bowl ad.

2023 Cindy dresses the same, but she's all about one margarita. Well, maybe two or three. Let's try four...

The supermodel makes an awesome cameo in "One Margarita (Spicy Remix)," a suggestive NSFW music video from That Chick Angel, CasaDi and Steve Terrell (with Saucy Santana in there, too).

The clip puts a tipsy, timely twist on the SB spot. It's a fitting call-back, but the humor works even if you're not familiar with that particular commercial from 31 years ago.

Angel's words are fun but nastaaay, so check it at your own risk:

Also known as "The Margarita Song," the audio earned millions of streams in recent months, kicking off a TikTok craze with Lizzo, among others, recording covers.

Now, the clip hyping this four-minute earworm backs two brands: tequila maker Casamigos (co-owned by Crawford's husband) and BlendJet blenders.

It's a raunchy reminder that pop culture never really dies. Instead, it morphs with fresh interpretations for new generations. That's especially true in this era of rampant brand nostalgia. (Crawford revisited the '92 spot once before, in this Pepsi SB encore from five years ago.)

"The story of how this song blew up feels like an American fairy tale. Maybe not a fairy tale for CHILDREN, but you get my point," says Jake Wilson, who directed. "Santana's new verse takes the song to another level. I mean, who doesn’t want 'a big d*** and a bankroll'? And then to have THEE ultimate legend Cindy Crawford recreating perhaps the most iconic commercial of all-time? [That was] the cherry on top!"

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