Budweiser Created Vinyl Bar Coasters That Double as Records

W+K São Paulo spins tracks from nine MCs

To spotlight the underground music scene in Brazil, Budweiser took a basic promotional medium—cardboard coasters—and turned them into playable vinyl records. These special coasters, created by Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo, will be available throughout bars in that city and Curitiba, Brazil.

Discs in the series feature Aori, Kamau, Stefanie, Estudante, Monna Brutal & MCharles, Negra, Rê, Akira and Zudizilla.

Budweiser | Vinyl Coaster

"Underground artists need to do the best with whatever space they have: wheatpaste posters, an alley, a subway station—every inch matters," explain Alexandre Giampaoli and Humberto Cunha, creative directors at W+K. "At the same time, Budweiser has thousands and thousands of media spaces that could be put to a better use. Coasters are a great example. Plus, we heard that vinyl has overtaken games as the world's best-selling physical media format. So, we took an often overlooked bar artifact and turned it into a stage. Thousands of them. All over the country."

Each vinyl coaster is roughly the size of a traditional cardboard coaster and works on most record players, including U.S. models.

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"Budweiser challenged us to do what they always do in a way they have never done before: to stage up-and-coming artists in a disruptive and never-before-seen way," the pair tells Muse. "It took us and our vendors quite some time to develop a product that was, at the same time, small enough to work and resemble a beer coaster and big enough to fit a whole song—while being able to be played in any turntable."

For those who don't own a record player, the coasters can be played digitally via Spotify codes.


Budweiser Vinyl Coaster
Project Name: Vinyl Coaster
Client: Anheuser-Busch Inc.
Product: Budweiser
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Global Ceo: Neal Arthur
Global Cco: Karl Lieberman
Latam Cco: Felipe Ribeiro
Creative Director: Rafael Melo
Associate Creative Directors: Alexandre Giampaoli, Humberto Cunha
Copywriters: Gustavo Moraes, Pedro Balle
Art Directors:  Leandro Beraldo,Thiago Victoriano
Head Of Production Sao Paulo: Patricia Gaglioni
Head Of Production New York: Nick Setounski
Executive Producer: Dave Lambert
Special Projects Producers: Fernanda Segura, Tábata Viana
Producers: Leticia Hernandez Mariana Golpian
Project Manager: Roberta Guzzardi
Head of PR: Danúbia Paraizo
Group Account Director: Brooke Stites
Account Director: Courtney Leblanc
Management Supervisor: Bianca Nikic
Account Supervisor: Cameron Carr
Account Executive: Saporah Carter
Planejamento/ Media Comms: Zack Green Javaad Beg
Business Affairs: Paul Fitzgerald
Broadcast Traffic: Laura Guerra

Film Production Company: Joint
Director: Drvnk
1st Director Assistant:  Fernanda Segura
Scene Art Director: Tatiana Kordon
Photography Director: André Tashiro      
Executive Producer (Joint): Patricia Gaglioni | Fernanda Segura       
Digital Producer:  Mauricio Kazu

Ilustração 3D/ 3D Illustration:  Vinicius Lavor, Marlos
Editor:  Rodrigo Aranha, Pedro Silveira E Gabriel Santana     

Finishing Editor:  Rodrigo Aranha, Pedro Silveira E Gabriel Santana    
Vinyl Recording: Vinyl Lab -  Giordano Bruno Bob G
Vinyl Printing: Fernando Forte

Client Approval:
VP Global Brands: Richard Oppy
Brazil Marketing Vice President: Daniel Wakswaser
VP Global Marketing: Todd Allen
Global Marketing Directors: Lia Bertoni | José Oliveira
Global Marketing Manager: Morgan Franklin
Regional Marketing Manager - Giulia Damasco
Diretor/ Director - Felipe Cerchiari
Head De Marketing/ Head Of Marketing - Carolina Caracas
Budweiser Brand Strategy Manager - Andre Mota
Gerente De Cultura/ Culture Manager - Ludmila Kaminskas
Gerente De Execução/ Execution Manager- Cibele Nunes

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