Avocados From Mexico Lets Its Jingle Do the Talking

Silly stuff from Lerma and Brendan Gibbons

After running a naked Super Bowl play, Avocados From Mexico returns with fresh work from agency Lerma and Station Film director Brendan Gibbons. This time, everyone keeps their pants on as the brand's twinkly jingle takes center stage.

In a pair of :30s, goofy characters deliver their lines in time to the brand's familiar tune. Ultimately, they inform viewers that Avocados From Mexico "make everything better."

Avocados From Mexico | Water Main
Avocados From Mexico | Benched

You know, nudity would've helped. That's not a gripe about the ads. It's just, well, nudity makes everything better.

"This campaign has a beautifully simple hook," says Gibbons. "The team at Lerma had the confidence to play it subtly and let viewers find the humor on their own. And that's when the magic usually emerges."

That's an accurate assessment. The spots are silly but not ridiculous, and they poke fun at advertising itself, which is almost always a good thing.

Indeed, that SB commercial drew some fire for being too OTT, with Biblical riffs and wacky visuals. This new flight stays simple and on point. It might just grow on you.

"The client was looking for two very specific things this year," recalls Lerma ECD and writer Bill Cochran. "First, remind people that Avocados From Mexico make everything better. Second, amplify the ways we use our jingle. While we initially attacked both asks separately, it became one of those weirdly wonderful things where merging two ideas on top of one another became almost magical."

But aren't jingles just so passé?

"Call it a jingle. Call it a mnemonic. Call it a sonic identity. Call it a 'tactical earworm,' if you want. Just don't call it dead," Cochran says. "But, as with any type of advertising, there are good ones and bad ones. We happen to believe we've got a great one. It's quick, enduring, and the words to the jingle are quite purposefully just the name of our brand."

He adds: "In the coming months, you'll be seeing other ways we lean into our jingle to remind people that Avocados From Mexico can make anything better—even bad news. We'd love to keep pushing the idea and see where we can go with it. We definitely think it has very enduring potential."

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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