Agency Carolers Capture Ad Biz Holiday Angst in Song

A salute to the 'Crap Crappiest Season of All'

To celebrate "the crap-crappiest season of all," Indianapolis agency The BSMNT dispatched carolers garbed as Dickens characters to raise their voices in song for a goofy holiday greeting that zings ... the ad biz, what else?

We're told "a lucky handful of clients will experience the performance as they join video calls." This kooky caroling clip pops up unexpectedly, as if some troll hacked the chat:

The Crap Crappiest Season of All

"There'll be families for hosting
TikToks for a-posting
And plenty of booze for them both…
There'll be last minute travel.
Q4 plans unravel...
At least we've seen organic growth!"

Um, define lucky. Just kidding. That's real pretty singing! Though some trash cans and circular saws would sweeten the mix.

Anyway, it's about spreading good cheer, and includes an IRL pitch pipe (in keeping with the ad land theme), plus this holiday card.

"Whether you love the holidays or not, anyone in marketing can agree that the last few weeks of the year are pretty hectic," says executive creative director Noah Sarff. "We wanted to give our clients something to smile about, and to show some solidarity in that we're all in this together. Our team had a blast pulling this project together, laughing all the way."


Creative Direction: Uriaha Foust, Noah Sarff
Animation: Joseph Cross, Meagan Green
Illustration: Chase Mitchell
Copywriting: Lexi Warren
Videography: Joel Umbaugh from Zoo Content

The Other Reindeer Carolers:
Michael Kolinsky (bass)
Colleen Keene (soprano)
Eleen Hsu-Wentlandt (alto & speaking role)
Jake Asaro (tenor)

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