Behr Will Transform a Room You Want Painted Into a Mini Diorama

Remodeling on a smaller scale

Is there a room in your house that needs painting? Do you also like dioramas?

Just send a picture of said room and a write-up about your DIY plans to Behr. You could win a highly detailed (and adorable!) mini diorama of that very space transformed by the paint supplier's experts.

This contest video explains how it works, in appropriately minute detail:

That pooch must be a miniature terrier! (A little joke. Very little.)

In the contest, dubbed "Mini Makeovers" and developed with Deutsch LA, four grand-prize winners will receive dioramas designed by master modeler/prop artist Brandon Minton, plus $200 Home Depot gift cards. 

"Brandon will use a combination of store-bought items and custom fabrication, leveraging 3-D printing technology" to create the dioramas, explains Deutsch executive creative director Ryan Lehr.

"We are recreating everything people have in their homes down to the smallest detail," says Lehr. "The smaller and more specific the better: macramé wall art, woven rugs and even their dogs. Oh, and dog treats. Of course."

You get a junior-ized version of your living room, kitchen or whatever, its walls freshly painted with Behr. As for the real room, so shabby by comparison, well, it's time to buy some rollers and brushes. (Or you can use that gift card for snacks. It's all good!)

Deutsch believes the concept fits the tenor of the times, "when people are spending more time than ever in their spaces, and want help to make a change, but don't necessarily want people coming in and out of their place," Lehr says. "This was a fun, clever way for people to get a real sense of how a new color can change the look and feel of their space—safely."

Small stuff can please in a big way. Other examples include this amazing Adidas diorama recounting 70 years of the company's history, Boston Pizza's teeny-weeny patio set, ExxonMobil's itsy-bitsy science experiments, and more recently—though on a comparatively larger scale—a New Zealand brewer's Tiny Pub serving drinks for two.


Client: Behr
Global Chief Marketing Officer: Jodi Allen
Senior Director, Brand Marketing: Andy Lopez
Senior Social Media Manager: Chanda Chhoeng
Social Media Manager: Jessica Franzone

Agency: Deutsch LA

Creative Chairman: Pete Favat
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Lehr
Associate Creative Director: Curtis Petraglia
Art Director: Andrew Forrest 
Junior Copywriter: Jesse Harter

Head of Production: Diego de la Maza
Executive Integrated Producer : Dan Kaplan
Senior Producer : Lucy Herzog  
Associate Music Director: Chase Butters
Music Supervisor: Dez Davis

Head of Design: Adhemas Batista
Art Director: Vince Ku
Designer: Karloz Giron

Account Management
Chief Client Officer: Jeff White
Account Director: Taylor Reid
Senior Account Executive: Corey Mack

Digital Production
Director of Digital Production: Laura Tron
Senior Digital Producer: Nyaze Vincent

Director of Technology: Marc Gowland
Director of QA: Katie Conlan
Senior Developer: Sebastian Lozada

Business Affairs/Traffic Director of Integrated Business Affairs: Gabriela Farias
Director of Broadcast Traffic: Carie Bonillo

Account Planning
Group Planning Director: Morgan Aceino: 
Associate Strategy Director: Gurbani Chadha: 
Senior Strategist: Josh Noa

CEO: Kim Getty

Production – Live-Action
Head of Production: Diego de la Maza
Director & Stop Motion Animator: Philipp Girke 
Executive Producer: Chris Kauffman 
Associate Production Manager: Ashlee Zwahlen
Miniature Modeler: Brandon Minton
3D Modeler: Jose “Quique” Rivera

Editorial & Post Facility (VFX/FInishing)
Managing Director: Jennifer Mersis
Audio Engineer: Cayce Sylvester
Colorist: Tony Bernard

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