ExxonMobil Targets Gen Z in a Big Way With Tiny Science Experiments

BBDO series puts a spotlight on energy innovations

ExxonMobil shares some big ideas about reducing emissions in "Miniature Science," a series of short online films from BBDO that recreate complex energy processes at roughly 1/1,000th of their actual scale. 

Taking its cue from the "tiny video" craze, ExxonMobil stages laboratory demonstrations using very small equipment. Targeting Gen Z, the content dovetails with the company's ads about energy innovation, running on NBC's Sunday Night Football and during college football coverage and NBA games.

In the two clips below, a pint-sized algae farm generates biofuel, which in turn powers some very small engines:

Aww, Tiny Hamster would look cute on that boat. Just sayin'.

Paid teasers on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook, and a partnership with Awesomeness TV, drive young-adult eyeballs to the "Miniature Science" playlist on YouTube, where they've amassed nearly 250,000 combined views since June. That's pretty impressive given the nature of the project.

Other installments show a mini power plant converted to natural gas, and a landfill with decomposing food, both of which generated cleaner energy:

In a way, "Miniature Science" inverts the strategy fueling BBDO's popular "Unimpossible Missions" push for General Electric. That campaign from a few years back built interest and excitement by making science seem larger than life. For ExxonMobil, conversely, the bite-sized approach puts a fun, accessible spin on topics that could seem abstract and dry. 

And if this outreach burnishes the brand as it stares down rough headlines, or just softens the company's image in general—well, that's not small potatoes, either.

"This was an opportunity to talk to an audience with no brand predispositions and pull them in with creativity," says BBDO New York senior creative director Mark Girand. "Our Gen Z target consume videos primarily on their phones. They are visual learners, and they care about authenticity. They refuse to be 'sold to,' and they are also extremely design conscious." 

Using no special effects or camera trickery, the demos provide an accurate (albeit slimmed down and simplified) picture of how ExxonMobile's R&D professionals go about their business. "Their ideas and innovations start out in a lab at a very small scale as a means to prove out the science, then scientists and engineers develop them so that they can be deployed at commercial scale, where they can make a meaningful impact," says Girand. 

The algae biofuels program is a prime example, as "what began in a research lab with a microscopic organism in a petri dish could be producing thousands of barrels of biofuel a day just a few years from now," he says.

During production, each experiment was conducted in full, with attention paid to scientific accuracy at every step. To ensure success in that regard, teams from BBDO and production house Nexus Studios logged eight weeks of research and development. 

"By the time we got to the set, everything had already been approved, tested and demonstrated—it became just a matter of filming it," says Lew Willig, also a senior creative director at BBDO.

Production designer Andy Gent and lead art director Collette Pidgeon, who worked on Wes Anderson's feature Isle of Dogs, built the very small models.

Director Lucas Zanotto was tasked with making sure each experiment looked "clean, sparse and high-design," while quickly relating information and maximizing entertainment value, says Willig.

That he managed to do so is no small feat.


“Miniature Science”

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VO TALENT (on long forms): Sophie Amoss
Agent: Abrams Artists

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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