Hazy L.A.'s Audrey Roy on the Cannabis Agency's Warehouse Compound in Chinatown

Plus, legacy CPG brands moving into cannabis

Audrey Roy is founder of the experiential creative agency Hazy, which concentrates on building cannabis brands.

Over the past three years, she has built the company alongside her two business partners to become a market-moving force in the industry. Based in L.A. and traveling to markets like Nevada and New York, Hazy also specializes in and produces its own experiential events. As the director of partnerships, Audrey has established relationships with nearly every major and craft cannabis company in California, and has worked to self-fund Hazy through client work and events.

Hazy was recognized as the sole cannabis company in Adweek's 2021 Young Influentials, with brands such as Instagram, Bumble, and Hulu in the mix. She looks forward to the remainder of the year producing Hazy events and working with clients like Pabst Blue Ribbon, Jones Soda and HERBL Distribution.

We spoke with Audrey for our Higher Calling series, where we chat with leaders in the cannabis space.

Audrey, tell us...

Where you grew up, and where you live now.

Cleveland, Ohio, and now I live in Los Angeles.

A story about the positive impact cannabis has had on your life.

Cannabis has helped me get off pharmaceuticals a number of times. I mainly use cannabis for medicinal reasons when it comes to sleep and anxiety. I am a huge advocate for transdermal topical relief as well.

A favorite flower, edible, product or brand.

Hands down Papa & Barkley topical patches and their sleep line of tinctures, chocolates and gummies. I am a huge fan of maven genetics flower as well.

The biggest challenge cannabis marketers face today.

Getting in front of the right people and developing brand recognition and loyalty.

One thing you're excited about right now in cannabis branding, partnerships or marketing.

The legalization popping up all over the country and the world. The opportunities are endless.

A cannabis trade/social justice organization that you support.

Last Prisoner Project because no one should be incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis crimes. It is our duty as people who contribute to this industry to fight for the rights of those who have been wronged in this system.

A recent project you're proud of.

Opening our 8,000-square-foot warehouse compound in Chinatown has been one of my greatest accomplishments at Hazy. We have worked so hard to get here. Being a self-funded, female-owned company, there have been many roadblocks, but opening this space provides so much for the future of our company and the market in L.A. I am proud to open a safe space for brands to activate, people to consume, and expansion of our offerings.

Someone else's project you admired recently.

Watching the shift of legacy CPG brands into the cannabis space, like Jones Soda with Mary Jones and Pabst Blue Ribbon with their seltzers. It has been so nostalgic for me to see these come out and exciting we get to work with them.

Someone you admire in cannabis who's doing great things.

I admire Susie from Humo for providing a platform and space for the Latino community in cannabis. It is amazing to see women thrive in the space and to demand respect among so many male-dominated brands.

What you'd be doing if you weren't in the cannabis industry.

I'd love to own a restaurant or work in the food space at some point.

Higher Calling is a weekly series, publishing on Thursdays, where we chat with folks in the cannabis industry about their personal history and taste in cannabis and the future of cannabis marketing. For more about Higher Calling, and our Clio Cannabis program, please get in touch.

Jessica MacAulay
Jessica MacAulay is a contributor for Muse by Clio. She's also a recent graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder's College of Media, Communication, and Information.

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