Uncommon Rolls Out a Subscription Condom Brand on Valentine's Day

They're vegan. You can feel good about that, too

Let's talk about sex, and how people are having less of it. Like less than once a week. Sex is dying, some say. Thankfully, Sex Brand is here to save it—just in time for Valentine's Day!

The startup bills itself as U.K.'s most sustainable condom. And if you buy them on subscription, you can help save the planet. These rubbers are vegan, and come wrapped recyclable foil.

Orange and black OOH and wild postings from creative studio Uncommon, which helped develop the venture, are hard to miss. "Your parents had more sex than you," reads one, while another advises "Sex Time > Screen Time."

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A 60-second online video touts various health benefits of sex, hyping Sex Brand condoms as "world class protection with all the feels." At the 43-second mark, it tells viewers to stop watching and start doing other things.

"We see a huge gap in the market for a brand to step in and actually stand up for sex and pleasure," says Sex Brand founder Jack Gove. "Almost a quarter of 18–30 year olds have not had sex in the last 12 months, due to porn, digital distraction and a hundred other things. We want an impactful brand that encourages young people to feel positive and excited about sex again."

"Porn has never been so readily available, dating apps are actually pulling us apart, not together—we have literally lost the ability to speak to each other in bars—it's insane," adds Uncommon founder Nils Leonard. "Sex Brand is here to help stop the death of sex and have a meaningful impact on the world, too."

For every million condoms sold, the brand will donate a million to NGO's SafeHands and Reproductive Health Uganda.

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